A very Strange Experience – Caleb’s Headache

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Author’s note- Hi! Its been a long time since I tried one of these and I’m not sure how good I am anymore, but I promise to at least finish out the stories I have begun. Hope to see you soon- Vanya the Procrastinator.

Caleb opened his eyes slowly and painfully. All he could see was dark and more dark. He closed his eyes, not that it made much of a difference but he always closed his eyes ot think and long habbits are hard to break.

The first thing ot do was remember where he was. That one took a long time. He was not in his bed at home. He was obviously not even in his back yard.

For one thing he was sure he had been out for hours and if he had gone missing for that long his mother who was almost bear-like in the protection of her children would have found him by now and most certainly not left him lying on the ground.

He was not in some park near his house because he had no memory of such a cave or pile of whatever was laying on him.
in any park near his home. He lay back and thought really hard.

Finally it came to him, the tunnle under his bed, the seperation from his older sister, the fight with the orcs beside Gimli and Gloin the horror of his sisters’s double encounter with the Witch King, it all came back.

He was in Moria under a big pile of stone, fortunate to be alive and possibly in one piece. He tried to move his arm and felt a response. His other arm he discovered was wrapped around his chest. He could move his hand and his fingers. After that he tried to move his legs. His right leg was fine but his left seemed to be pinned down by a bolder.

He sighed and evaluated his situation. He was buried under a pile of rock, miraculously alive against all odds and the laws of physics but he was starving, dehydrated and pinned under boulders it would take an earth mover to clear.

He decided to try and call for help. At best he would catch the attention of a rescue party and be saved. At next best an orc orc would hear him and put him out of his misery slowly, but faster than malnutrition, dehydration and infection from his missing finger.

He cleared his throat with a noisy cough and called out in a weak voice, ” Help.”

No answer. Not surprising considering his voice was to weak to be heard by an elf, let alone anyone else. He tried again, “HeeelllPP!”

Some what louder and much longer. He waited a few minutes. Still nothing. He closed his mouth and took several deep breaths, gathering his strength. “HHHHEEELLLLLLLPPPP!!!!”

There, if no one heard that he was not going to try again. He would try to dig his own way out of this mamoth rock pile. As it turned out he didn’t have to.

He heard a scrabbling noise on the outside of the rocks coupled with a grinding and heavy breathing. Suddenly the air inside his rock chamber became more breathable, cooler and fresher.He felt better at once. Then a light appeared above his head and light streamed through the crack made in the chamber.

In what seemed to be blazing sunlight he caught a glimpse of what seemed to be a brown weathered hand. Definately not an orc’s hand. Another rock was moved and a dwarven face appeared in the hole. It broke into a warm smile and then it disappeard and the scrabbling and grinding got faster.

Soon Caleb was able to sit up and see about him. It wasn’t as light as it had seemed at first but it was much better than his stuffy rock chamber. He studied his rescuer. He was an old dwarf, mostly bald with a very white beard.

He turned a smiled again at the very dirty dark hared boy and spoke for the first time. “It has been a long time since I have seen a child of men. What is your name boy?”

“Alcarin.” He decided to use the name he had given Gimli at first, mostly because he didn’t like his birth name much.

“A good name, brave and honest.”

“Thanks. What’s yours?”



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