A very strange experiance – Under the waves.

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Author’s note: Hi, sorry this took so long. Read slowly or it is very likely you will get confused. Just thought I’d warn you. enjoy-vanya-vasa

Colleen gasped as the shock of the cold water closing around her brought her to her senses. It took all of her scattered wits just to hold her breath. How long had she been under the water? How many hours, or had it just been a few seconds? Time meant little when one was drowning. Drowning, even in the depths of the freezing water she knew that was what was happening.

All of a sudden a firm strong hand grasped hers and hauled her to the surface of the water. She faced her rescuer, it was a golden haired elf, but not Legolas. His eyes were clear blue, rather than green. He looked concerned.

“Are you all right, maiden?”

“Yeah, fine.” She panted, and then she realized she was, her shoulder didn’t hurt at all, it wasn’t cold the way she had been sure it would be. Colleen suddenly felt her shoulder, there was no hole in the cloth of her sweat jacket.

“What is wrong with your shoulder?”

“Nothing, oddly enough. I was sure that nasty thing had gotten me through the left shoulder.”

The elf looked at her worriedly. ” Did an orc stab you and then throw you in the river?”

“Well, no not really, hey wait, there are no orcs in Rivendell, the Ford flooded when the Nazgul tried to cross! What do you mean, orcs?”

“I believe the cold water has addled your wits, come, I shall take you to my home, you can get dry and get some more suitable clothing. My name by the way, is Glorfindel.”

“Hey, wait a minute, you’re Glorfindel? Are we going to back Rivendell?”

“What is this Rivendell? I have never heard the name before.”

“You are Glorfindel, and yet you have never heard the name of your own home?? There is something really weird about this.”

“If you mean by weird, strange, then indeed there is something strange.”

“And what, pray tell is that?”

“Your clothing, what sort of garb is that for a woman?”

“The kind most girls my age wear.”

“What is you name, maiden?”

“Colleen. Where are we going?”

“To Gondolin, where else? Though I fear once you enter you will not be allowed to leave.”

Legolas carried the girl to the place near the white horse stood over Frodo, he laid her by the horse and bade him to watch over her. Then he took the little hobbit in his arms and began to pray that Colleen would be all right until he got back.

The hobbit needed care first, no doubt he had been carrying his wound for many days. He began to run to the house, praying with all his heart that Colleen would be alive when he got back.

Colleen couldn’t say anything, this had to be a dream, there was no other explanation, was there? Gondolin, or what was left of it had long been gone under the waves, as had all the lands of the elder days, including Númenor, according to Treebeard’s song and the Silmarillion.

Colleen racked her brain, there was something else, something about a traitor, what was his name, Maeglin? About a balrog, and a duel, a cairn, the body of a golden- haired elf lord named Golrfindel. Then with a rush the story came back to her.

Meaglin had been captured by Morgoth, he had be tortured and the bribed into betraying the city of Gondolin. She also seemed to remember that he didn’t really care all that much for humans. She sighed and decided that dream or not she would do everything in her power to stay out of his way.

They came to a tall stone wall, or at least that’s what it looked like at first, the elf walked up to it and knelt and seemed to be measuring something with his hands. Suddenly, at about a third of the way up the rock Glorfindel murmured something and a door sprang open, it was about six feet high and four feet wide. A dark tunnel loomed beyond it.

Colleen stared at it, this was the moment of decision, should she enter? She knew for a fact that once one knew the location of the hidden city you could never dwell outside of it. Yet, if this was a dream, she would soon wake up in Rivendell, or better, her own bed, and she would have the memory of a beautiful city besides. And if it wasn’t a dream, where would she go, she had no food, no other clothes, and other than the rather obvious fact she was in Middle Earth, no idea where she was. Just how long could a lost, starving fourteen year old last in the wild?

She followed Glorfindel into the tunnel and hoped that there was at least a set of dry clothes beyond.

Aragorn, Merry, Pippin, Glorfindel and Sam, crossed the Ford, but when they reached Asfolth they found that he stood over the unconscious form of a young human girl, not Frodo. Glorfindel knelt beside her, laying a hand on her brow. He moved his hand from her face to her shoulder.

“The Nazgul have wounded her, it would seem that an elf was here and decided that Frodo needed to get to Rivendell first. I belive they will return for the maiden soon.”

As soon a s Glorfindel finished speaking a wood elf came into veiw, running towards them.

” Legolas, how comes it that you have left Mirkwood, and where is the halfling?” Glorfindel asked.


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