A very strange expeience – Swords

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Colleen sighed as she walked back to Rivendell, she figured that since it was about two a.m. Frodo wasn’t showing up today. She decided to have another look at the calendar in the back of her one volume edition of LOTR, it gave the exact day Frodo came to Rivendell.

Cheered by that thought she strolled along the way to the house in pure happiness, she was sure glad Caleb was going to stay here safe and sound, he would be fairly happy here, even if he would be mad about missing the adventure.

Legolas watched the girl come up the path, he was some way ahead of her and she was not aware of his presence until she practically walked into him.

“Oh, hi Legolas, nice night, isn’t it?”

“I’m afraid it won’t be for you, once I tell you what probably happened to your parents.”

That startled her, “Huh?”

“They were most likely taken captive and slain and your village destroyed by the orcs.”

“My village?” None of this was making iota of sense.

Legolas went on.” I am sorry, but I am afraid you and your brother are orphans.” He placed a sympathetic hand on her shoulder.

“Um, Legolas, I’m really sorry, but I don’t have any idea of what your talking about, maybe you should back up and start from the beginning, what’s this about my village being destroyed? And being an me and my brother being orphans?”

“Your village was attacked by orcs, was it not, and your mother and father sent you and your brother away so you wouldn’t be killed, but you were separated on the journey to Rivendell. You were watching for them buy the Ford today, were you not?”

Colleen’s jaw dropped, for a minute she wondered what to say to Legolas, it was clear that he thought he had her past all figured out, should she let him think that, no that would be dishonest, but she couldn’t tell him the truth, could she? She decided to tell him some of the truth, and leave him in the dark, no one would ever, not in ten million years believe the fantastic tunnel story, but she didn’t want to lie to him.

“Um, Legolas, I think your a little confused, you see, as far as I know my parents and my other siblings are still safe at home, no orcs have ransacked my “village” as far as I know. I wasn’t watching for my family I was, uh, looking for someone else and, um, they didn’t show, but they should soon, ah, goodnight!” And with that she dodged past a rather startled elf and ran up to her room.

When she got there she found Elrond and Gandalf waiting for her, she swallowed hard, they were probably there to tell her about Caleb dropping spiders on peoples heads. She knew for a fact that most of the world was not as immune to practical jokes as her family.
Elrond spoke,” Colleen, my friend, we must speak to you about a most important mater…”

“Look, I’m sorry about Caleb and his rubber spider prank, I told Dad getting him those things was a bad idea..”

Gandalf burst out laughing despite the serious situation that they found themselves in,” Yes, I heard about that, Gloin came running into the house, yelling about a giant spider invasion from Mirkwood, but that wasn’t what we came to speak with you about, we came to speak to you about your sword.”

“My sword? What about it?” She was relived Gandalf saw the funny side of Caleb’s prank, she really didn’t want to face a mad wizard, but her curiosity was aroused, she had been rather curious about the weapon herself.

It had just appeared, seemingly from no where, but it seemed like it had been made for her when she picked it up and hefted it. She had never handled a sword before in her life, but when she drew that sword it had made her feel as though she could take on a whole army of Urk-hai on her own. What could Gandalf have to say about it?

“Where did you get it?” Asked Elrond quietly. For the first time Colleen saw a sort of sadness in both of their faces, as if they were expecting a certain answer, but hoped that they were wrong, but didn’t exspect that they would be.

“Mmm, good question I’m not sure, you see, I didn’t even relies it was there until you pointed it out Gandalf, why, didn’t it brake when I attacked the Nazgul?”

“Yes, it was, but we have reforged it for you while you were asleep it, here it is.” Elrond looked unaccountably sad so, for that matter did Gandalf, he unfolded a cloth on his lap, she hadn’t noticed it before. He gave it to her with reverence For the fist time she looked at the sheath, on it was a strange symbol, it looked like a golden city hidden by mountains with a silver tree and a gold one just beneath it, the symbol of Gondolin as she would learn in due time.

“Oh, thank you, is that all you wanted?” She couldn’t think of any thing else to say.

“For now, we shall explain it all to you in due time, Sleep well.”

” Goodnight.”

Colleen looked up her date in the book and to her dismay discovered that Frodo was due in about seven hours , it was now 3:00 a.m. He should be there at about ten a.m. tomorrow.

Colleen drew the sword from the sheath, it was indeed a beautiful thing, there were runes, the tengwar, if she was not much mistaken, that seemed to spell out a name just below the hilt, the decoration was much like that on sting, just to give you an idea, and was about forty inches long and made of some sliver blue metal she couldn’t quite identify.

She decided that despite the late hour and her extream hunger she would go down to the Ford for the night.

She slipped quietly through the hall so as not to disturb anyone, until she found the kitchen, she quietly opened her pack and put some apples and bread and cheese into it, she grabbed a flask and ran quietly to the door, knowing that she might not have as much time as she thought. so tightening her belt, from which her sword hung and cramming her mouth with cheese and bread she ran ut the door and to the Ford.


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