A Very Stange Experience – Stabbing the Witch King was Stupid Thing to do.

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Caleb sat in the room Elrond had provided for him eating some very good food that had been brought up on a tray. The fact that he couldn’t quite determine what the meat was d
didn’t bother him in the least. Elves don’t have what he had often had in school lunch,(back when he had gone to public school) that was usually termed ‘mystery meat’ by all of the kids. What was bothering him was the fact that he had had a dream.

Now normally dreams didn’t bother him, but in all the world the people he was closest to were his siblings, especially his sister.

In his dream he had seen his sister, she had been riding a big white horse with an old guy in grey robes. This much hadn’t bothered him, but the next part had, the man had stopped the horse and gotten off, and been looking anxiously at his sister. Caleb’s, not the old man’s.

Caleb had gone up quietly, but it didn’t matter niether had seemed to see him, and laid his hand on Colleen’s forhead.
Colleen’s face was as cold as ice, she looked and felt as if she were dead.

When he woke up a few minutes later a cold sweat had been running down his face, and one question was pounding in his brain, is my sister alive?

So now here he was, attacking the meal that one of the many elves that lived here had brought up to him, obessing over what had become of Colleen. He was soon to find out.


Gandalf was feeling relived, Colleen should be able to make it to Rivendell, they were less than an hour away from the Last Homely House.

“Stay with me, young one.” he said to the girl sitting in front of him on Shadowfax.

“Are we almost there? I don’t know how much longer I can hang on.”

“We should be there within the hour.”

“Maybe Caleb will be there, I sure hope he’s all right.”

Gandalf nodded, how she could think of her brother at a time like this, he didn’t know. What he did know was that he had to get her to Rivendell.

Colleen had never been so cold in her life. She felt like the surviver of a shipwreck, in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, freezing to death, slowly, while clinging to a half inflated life-raft while her strength waned.

Caleb went out to the river for a walk when all of a sudden a white horse appeared out of nowhere. It was the horse from his dream. And his sister was riding it. Well more accuratly, she was sitting on the horse while an old man with a long beard, in grey robes held her on.

They crossed the the Ford and Caleb ran to the place they were crossing. He got there just before they got acrossed. He stood on the bank and waited for them.

When the horse got to the place he was standing the old man looked down at him.

“Is your name Caleb?”

“Well, yes, it’s the name I was given at birth.”

“Good, if you care anything about your sister, go to the house and tell Elrond that we have need of his help.”

Caleb’s eyes had been getting wider and wider while Gandalf was speaking, and when he finished he nodded breifly and ran as fast as he could to find Lord Elrond.

Caleb found him in the gardens in front. the boy was out of breath and panting like a dog.

“Help, my sister- the Ford- Gandalf- come quick!” And with these word he seized the elven lord by the hand and began to drag him to the Ford.

Relizing he was allowing himself to be led, Elrond stopped and took Caleb by the sholders, looking keenly into his face he asked him,”What’s this about your sister and Gandalf?”

“Gandalf and my sister are down by the Ford, I think something happened to Colleen, Gandalf said to come get you!”

“Show me where they are.”

The boy nodded and began to run back to the place where he had left Colleen and the wizard.

They found them about half way in between the Ford and the house, Gandalf, who however old he looked, was able to carry the now uncouncious fouteen-year-old.

Gandlaf turned to Elrond,”I found the girl wandering in the wilderness, near Weather Top, looking for her brother, when we got there we were attacked by the nine, before I could stop her Colleen ran out and stabbed the Witch King, she needs help, now.”

Elrond nodded and took the girl from Gandalf.

“What can I do, Gandalf?” Caleb felt his eyes getting wide again.



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