A Tale of Two Teens – Introduction-Parts 1 and 2

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This is my first story, so any comments and umm… what do you call ems…the things that help you get better! would be greatly appreciated.. and as this is the inroduction, it doesn’t mention Frodo or the Ring alot, it just introduces the new characters into the story…I hope you enjoy!

Our story starts in a little town, in a small country state. Two people, Mari and Al, are sitting down at a church banquet. They have no idea about what is about to happen to them. You see, in a far off world, called Middle Earth, evil has been awakened. The Dark Lord, Sauron, is searching for the long lost One Ring, and his goal is.. basically world domination. An old and wise wizard, by the name of Gandalf the Grey, has gone in search of the two young people that have the ultimate power to protect whoever bears the ring. They have the strength to destroy any evil in their path with the help of the two legend swords that were created so long ago by the elves that no one can remember: AngelBlade and EaglesWing. The two young people have not yet accquired these weapons, but once Gandalf can find them, I’m sure they’ll be able to recieve them. The two young people, both barely the age of thirteen, are Mari and Al. Gandalf must find them and take them back to Middle Earth, for it is their strength and courage that may be the most protective of the ring-bearer.

Introduction Part 2
It was a very good dinner. Mari had never had anything so delicious. The barbecue ribs, the mashed potatoes, the caserole, the turtle chocolate cheescake.. Mari had to admit that she was very impressed with the banquet’s food. She was wearing a dark blue skirt with sky blue oriental flower design on it. Along with a light blue three quarter shirt. Her hair was extremely dark brown, and it shined in the light. She had it behind her ears. Her brown eyes were on the priest, who had just risen to speak.

“Welcome, welcome! I’m so glad all of you could come. Tonight is a very special night, as I’m sure all of you know. Tonight we celebrate the coming of a new priest, Father..err.. Greyham!”

Everyone applauded as an old man in traditional white robes and long grey hair stepped up to the podium to speak. Mari looked around, she spotted Al, a boy of about thirteen, that she had just met. He was sitting with his family. He had dark brown hair, tan skin, and beautiful dark blue eyes. He smiled at her, and she smiled back.

“I’m vey pleased to be here,” Father Greyham started, “In all my years of traveling, I have never met such a fine group of people. I’m sure that once you get to know me, you will be able to say the same. Now it is my honor to…”

But whatever Father Greyham was honored to do, no one found out. At that very moment, the roof came crashing down. Everyone started running around and screaming, so panic stricken not knowing what to do. Mari had fallen out of her seat and was now on the floor, trying to dust herself off. Al was still on the otherside of the room, looking for her. When he finally found her, he helped her up and let her put her arm on his shoulder for support; it appeared she had hurt her ankle when she fell. Pretty soon, everyone had fled out of the large room, and were now outside. Everyone except Father Greyham, Mari, and Al.

“Come on Mari,” Al whispered urgently, “we must get out before the whole building crumbles down.” Mari nodded, and with the help of Al, began to limp their way to the exit.

Before they could reach the exit (which was now a door frame since the door broke down after all the people rushed out), a large shadowy form, at least twice the size of the building, appeared over them. Mari and Al heard the people gasp and scream. Very slowly, they turned around and saw a huge black dragon. Its glowing, purple eyes stared maliciously back at them, as they stood in horror. Then, the dragon drew in its breath, and shot out a burning purple flame that destroyed all the tables and chairs and the food and everything else, in its path. Al pushed Mari out of the way, but Mari was still holding on to him. They rolled on the floor and landed side by side lying on their backs.

“Mari, Al!” Al and Mari sat up and looked around and saw Father Greyham at the other end of the room. “Come here, quick!” he yelled. Al helped up Mari, and ignoring the pain in her ankle, they ran to the other side, dodging the ever coming flames from the fiery fiend.

“Quick, put your hands up to mine Mari,” Father Greyham said urugently. Mari thought this was extremely strange, but she had to trust him. She put her hand up to his and all of a sudden, there was a bright light. When the light disappeared, Mari was holding a beautiful sword: Eagle’s Wing. Its hilt had two eagle wings, with a saphire in the middle. The hilt appeared to be made of silver. The bottom had two eagles talons close together.

“What..?” Mari began, but Father Greyham interuppted.

“Al, you next.”

Seeing what happened to Mari, Al put his hand up to Father Greyham’s. The bright light appeared, but this time, Al had a sword. It was Angelblade. The hilt was made of gold, and instead of angel’s wings on the hilt, there was an intricate desgin on it. It appeared to be three warriors each with their words drawn and held in a fighting manner. On the top of the hilt was an emerald.

“Now, wield those swords, and defeat the dragon!” Father Greyham commanded.

Amazingly, all the knowledge of fighting and defending started to flow through their minds. It was like when an old general is reunited with his long lost sword and everything comes back. Mari started twirling the sword with grace and precision, and ended in a “fighting stance”*. Al did the same. They looked at each other, and charged toward the dragon. The dragon shot a sport of flames at them, but they jumped/flipped out of the way. In outrage, the dragon took its great clawed fists and brought them down. Al and Mari jumped out of the way again, and when the fists hit the ground, they jumped on them and started running up its arms. When they reached the head, each of them took their newly accquired swords and stabbed it into each of the dragon’s eyes. It cried in anguish and started flailing about helplessly. Al and Mari were thrown off and landed on the ground, swords still in hand. The dragon moaned, then fell over, dead. As quickly as it appeared, it disappeard. Father Greyham came over to Al and Mari, very pleased.

“I see I have finally found the two who are destined to help protect the Ring-bearer and help rid our world of evil,” he said very pleased. “Come with me to Rivendell, I will explain everything..” Al and Mari found this very strange, but something in their hearts told them to go, so they followed him into a strange light that had appeared where the dragon had fell, and ended up on a bridge leading to a beautiful valley.


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