A Second War for Middle Earth – Chapter One

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A Reunion

“My Lord, Gimili and Prince Legolas are here to see you if they may.” Beregond said, after being newly promoted to the king’s personal aide.
“Thank you my friend, they may come and see and talk to me whenever they wish to.” Lord Aragorn of Gondor replied with great courtesy.
Aragorn had been busy discussing the plans for which the first wall which had been badly damaged in the fight against the Orcs. Then he heard the pounding of Gimili’s feet, but he could not hear the soft, quiet, quick-moving feet of Legolas. Then the doors were pushed open wide and in came Gimili the dwarf of Moria and Legolas the elven Prince of Lothlorien.
“My great Lord of Gondor, how happy we are to see you again after the last war.” Gimili said gruffly.
“You are my friends, there is no need for formalities between us. Call me Aragorn or Strider, like you use to. Come and sit and talk with me about what it is you came to talk to me about.” Aragorn said happily.
“If you wish us to, Strider. For we miss you very much and wish to fight with you in any war that you need us in.” Legolas replied merrily.
“Aye, we would be honored if you let fight with the Lord Aragorn of Gondor!” Gimili all but shouted loudly.
The friends drank and ate and talked and laughed until they could not any more for even a second.
“I think we are watered and fed enough to last a week. I think we need to sleep now and be rested for what may lie ahead of us tomorrow.” Strider said in a very slurred and drunken voice.
“I can only begin to agree with Strider and I hope you don’t mind if we stay here for a while Strider?” Gimili all but mumbled to closed ears.
“I think we need to find some Orcs but first we need to know where they are and how can we find them Strider?” Legolas said to an attentive Aragorn.
“Yes, you may stay for a while and Legolas, I have been looking for Orcs but they seem to be up to something. I haven’t found one trace of the Orcs that were there about two days ago, maybe they went somewhere for some kind of meeting.” Aragorn replied with great interest in the Orcs behavior.
Then suddenly a huge bang shook the great hall and everyone looked out the windows to see a purple lightening bolt hit a tree in Pelinor Fields and send it ablaze. Aragorn, Legolas, and Gimili knew that that lightening bolt was of no natural generation and that dark magic was at work. As their eyes swept the fields for people they saw a white object moving swiftly towards the closing gate. Their minds jumped to a conclusion at the same time, Gandalf was coming for some unknown reason.


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