A Second War for Middle Earth – Chapter 2 – The Beginning of War

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A Second War for Middle Earth

Chapter Two

The Beginning of War

Aragorn raced to Brego and made for the first gate to let Gandalf through. Aragorn almost went into a merchant and his wagon. It took Aragorn a few minutes to reach the gate and when he got there, he got off the horse hurriedly.
“Open the gate! Gandalf the White comes on Shadowfax! Open the gate with haste!” Aragorn all but yelled to the gatekeeper.
Outside the gate, Aragorn heard Gandalf squabbling on and on with the gatekeeper. He also heard the gate doors creak and groan with the burden of opening.
“Let me past! I need to speak with the Lord of Gondor about the storms that follow me!” Gandalf yelled repeatedly.
As soon as the gate was wide enough, Gandlaf and Shadowfax came galloping through the crack. He saw Aragorn on Brego and looked around and saw that Legolas and Gimili were riding up as well.
“You saw me coming and knew that I was in a great haste so you came down to tell the gatekeeper that it was I, Lord Aragorn of Gondor?” Gandalf inquired.
“Yes, you are right as usual Gandalf, I saw a figure of white racing fast, trying not to get hit by the purple bolts of lightening. That was after the first bolt hit the tree and set it afire. I rode from the top in a great haste, for I beat you the the gate, did I not?” Aragorn joked.
“Who could be in a greater haste then Gandalf the White, another wizard perhaps but you are no wizard, you are the Lord of Gondor.” Gandalf returned the joke.
As the four of them rode up to the great hall and were later joined by Beregond. When they got to the great hall, they talked about the storms and the news was not good for the storms were created by Saruman, the wizard who served Sauron the creator of the One Ring. After the talk, they all went to different rooms to sleep that night.
When they awoke the next morning, they heard drumming in the distant. They all ran into the great hall and looked out the window to see a dark shape slowly inch its way towards Pelinor Fields. They felt the dread on their shoulders as they realized that it was an army of Orcs.
“So that is where the Orcs have gone,” Aragorn said dreadfully, “they went to get more Orcs for an army and get Cave Trolls from nearby caves. This is going to be harder to fight than the War of the One Ring.”
“Aragorn, Gimili and I shall fight with you. For if they win Gondor, they will attack Lothlorien and Moria. Even stronger than before is how they shall attak and they are going to be much harder to defeat without the ones from the Path of the Dead.” Legolas said proudly while Gimili just nodded to everything Legolas said.


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