a second chance at love – Chapter one of many

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Legolas of Mirkwood was riding to Rivendell with a few
other elves. The others were becoming worried, Legolas
had not spoken the hole trip. What they didn’t know was
he was consumed by memories of the past, and of the
one he loved.

Flash back to the first he met her.
Legolas had been sent out by his father. It seems that a princess elf had snuck out during the night and Legolas was to find her. When he found her (Now keep in mined Legolas had never seen her before)
“You must be the princess from Lillyen Falls.” He said.
She is far to beautiful to be an elf not of the royal family!
he thought.
“Yes, my name is Coio, You must be Legolas, the prince.” she said judging by his clothes.
“That is true, you do know that orcs are roaming this land. It would be best if you came back to the palace.”
“No I am fine. I Learned to protect my self long a go.”
“Still.” he said. She rolled her eyes.
“He is not going to give up is he?” she thought.
“Very well.”
End flash back

Legolas sighed.
“Ok…” said Corna, one of the guards, “he is starting to worry me!”
“Do you not remember, this is the 200 anniversary of Coio’s death! You need to be more considerate. He lost the one he loved while he was away at war. Not to mention it
was a week before their wedding!” pointed out Torone, the second guard.

Flash back to the day the news of her death reached Mirkwood

“King Emoneu, what are you doing so far from Lillen Falls…We were not expecting you for one week, and were is you daughter?” questioned King Thranduil.
“Thranduil, I have some horrible news, where is Legolas?”
“I am right here…What is your horrible news?” Legolas looked worried. King Emoneu walked over to a spear chair, then pulled a gold necklace out of his pocket.
“Coio’s necklace,” said Emoneu tossing it to Legolas, “Legolas, she is dead.”
“No, this cannot be…How did she die?” said Legolas sliding down the wall to the floor. Almost in tears.
“She was out riding around the borders with 10 other
men, then the group was attacked by a band of orcs…She was killed in battle.”

(On another note, one of the dragon daggers that Coio
gave him disappeared that very day)
End of flash back

“I do not need you pity.” said Legolas coming up behind them. Then a loud scream came from a near by river. By
the time they got to the river they saw a young elf woman floating in the water. Her hair was covering her face and Legolas didn’t take time to look at her features when he scooped her out of he cold water, she was barely breathing.
“Make haste, to Rivendell!” Yelled Legolas taking the lead. He could feel blood coming from; apparently, a large wound on her back.

Emoneu: Long E mon u


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