a second chance at love – chapter 2 of many

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Last time
“I do not need you pity.” Said Legolas coming up behind them. Then a loud scream came from a near by river. By the time they got to the river they saw a young elf woman floating in the water. Her hair was covering her face and Legolas didn’t take time to look at her features when he scooped her out of he cold water, she was barely breathing.
“Make haste, to Rivendell!” Yelled Legolas taking the lead. He could feel blood coming from; apparently, a large wound on her back.

When Legolas arrived in Rivendell Lord Elron was waiting in the stables with a nurse.
“Give her too me!” Ordered Lord Elron, “She does not have long.” Legolas was surprised at the urgency in his voice. He gently handed the girl over and watched him run down the hall.
“Prince Legolas” said an elf “your room is a cross from the woman’s, everyone else’s rooms are down the hall and to your left.”
It did not take long for Lord Elron to emerge from the room.
“Third person today.” He sighed going down the hall to his room.
“Third person, what has been going on?” Said Legolas before falling into a light sleep.
Two hours later
“What. Where am I?” All she knew that Orcs attacked her got her back slashed, then past out. She wanted to leave; she had places to go Orcs to kill. She jumped out of the bed and went out the door. The slight creek of her door awakened Legolas out of his light sleep.
“Where is she going?” He thought. He got up and followed shortly after. She was almost out when,
“Where are you going, you need to rest those are deep wounds.”
“Look,” she said turning on her heals. She could not say a word. Legolas was the same.
“Coio? It cannot be.”
“Legolas!” She cried throwing herself into his arms.
“Coio, I thought you were dead!” He said hugging her tight.
“What? Who told you I was dead!” She said embracing him tighter, “Father told me you were killed in the war!” He then broke the hug.
“Your father told me, he gave me your necklace.” He pulled the golden chain out of his pocket. The charm the chain carried was a white eagle. It symbolized great strength.
“Why would my father do such a thing?” She said to her self.
“Why did you not come to Mirkwood? You would have found out the truth!”
“Father said that that they had already buried you and did not want to see me. Plus he had one of the daggers that I gave you. It had been broken in half!” Her eyes had tears building up.
“And then the necklace went missing.” He had finished her sentence. He paused, hugging her again “sitting here will not help your back, and holding you so tightly didn’t do much good either.” He then helped her to her feet and down the hall. Leading her into his room, and then he changed her bandages.
“Are you going to sleep with me?” She asked hopefully.
“Of course, I’m never letting you out of my sight again.” He said letting her headrest on his chest “now rest.” He then watched her fall asleep. “Elves from Lillen Falls sleep with their eyes closed when they are really tired. She is beautiful.” He thought to him self then he kissed the top of her head and fell asleep.

The next morning

“Prince Legolas” said Corna entering his room, “Lord Elron wishes to see, Lady Coio!” This scared Coio out of her deep sleep, and on to the floor “you are alive!”
“Yes I am, but never do that again!”
“Yes I agree. She has returned, there is no need to scare her to death!” Said Legolas.
“I am sorry.” Corna began.
“No need.”
“You said Lord Elrond wished to see me?” asked Legolas.
“Yes, he is in his study.” Corna answered leaving.
“I shall she you shortly, but until then I want you to rest.” Said Legolas kissing her cheek swiftly.
“Lissenen ar’ maska’lalaith tenna’ lye omentuva.” She said sweetly. (Sweet water and light laughter till next we meet)

Something will
Happen in the next chapter
I just had trouble on thinking
How to put it in

I need 6 reviews to make sure
People will stick to the story

Ps If anyone wants me to read something
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