A Sea of Stars-a tale of dangers and love: Chapter Six

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The Dark Mistress sat high atop a tall throne. Her bright red eyes were set wide into a vampire pale visage. Long, black hair framed a square chin, and stray strands snuck onto glistening, blood red lips. She wore a sweeping black dress and an even darker cape was thrown proudly behind her. The cape was fastened around the neck by a cross of Red Dragon claws. A long braided whip of many thongs hung at her side.

The large double doors at the end of the immense black hall clicked open. A servant boy entered. He was small for his age, and had short sandy blonde hair. Chains around his ankles rattled and protested at each. He kept his head bowed at all times, as he was taught.

“Would the Dark Lady like some refreshements?” he asked in a small, high pitched voice.

The woman glared at him with a cold piercing stare. She watched him fiddle with the rope that was wound around his waist as a belt. The silence grew uncomfortable. Finnally her stone cold voice broke the unease. If that sound had a physical match, it would have been cold slap in the face.

“Your are the new boy.” It wasn’t a question. She kept her gaze intent on the small boy infront of her; a mere speck of an exsistence. The Dark Lady stood from her throne. She took her black scepter, that lay resting against the arm of her chair, in her hand. The scepter had an enormous blood red jewel set atop it’s shinning black material. The jewel was encased in a cage of what appeared to be shinning black stone dragon claws.

“There are a few things you new ones need to learn. First, if I want something, I will ask for it…like this.”

She craned her neck forward. An electric stream of white hot light shot from her forehead and smashed into the boys head. He was sent sprawling for many feet across the slick obsidian floor with a thud and clang of metal chains. Her lips curled into a cruel smile.

“Second, when I ask you a question, you must answer in some way shape or form. Do you understand?” The servant had begun to gingerly pick himself up. Once agains upright, he merely stood before her, head bowed.

“I asked you a question, boy! DO YOU UNDERSTAND?!” She repeated the question. When the boy still didn’t respond, she slowly brought her hand to the whip that lay wound and poised at her side. Slender fingers curled around the expertly braided leather handle. The boy didn’t seem to notice.

The Dark Lady quickly brought the whip from it’s resting place and raised her arm over her head and arched it high above her. She swong it around her side. The whip whinned and cracked across the black floor next to the servant. He flinched and jumped aside. In his fear, he brought his head up and saw, for the first time, the cold fire burning rapidly throughout the Lady’s red eyes. He had made a terrible mistake and he knew it.

The Lady’s lips curled once again into a sly grin. The boy crumpled to the ground with a thud. He landed in a heap of rags, chains and blonde hair. He was dead.


Celeborn drew Meneldil aside from the departure preparations.

“Meneldil, before the Lady Galadriel passed, she had a Vision. She Saw the two of you embark on a journey across Middle Earth to the Harbor. That is why we mentioned Valinor to you both. You must make it to the Grey Havens before the rising of the next full Moon. Your trek will not be withought peril, however. You must trust yourself and your judgement.”

Meneldil listened quietly to Celeborn’s words.

“The sword Earwen found is one of immense power. It has the will to turn all that is evil in this world to ash and dust. The wielder is chosen by Varda herself. Only and Elf of very high leadership and magical skill is able to unlock the power of the sword and fulfill their ultimate purpose. You may hear her referred to as Angamaite on you journey. It is the name bestowed upon the possessor of the sword.”

One of Celeborn’s advsers leaned forward and whispered to him quietly. He nodded.

“I have just been reminded of one more task you must complete. On your way to Valinor, you will pass a tall tower of black. Inside, is the stronghold of the lord Earwen escaped from. You must find a way to destroy this Lord and his Lady, for they only need Earwen to complete their plans of domination of all Earth…including Valinor.”

Meneldil furowed his brow and looked somewhat distraught. He finally nodded in consent and bowed to Celeborn. He turned and beckoned Earwen to follow him as he swung his canvas pack onto his back. She grabbed her pack from the pile of supplies and hurriedly thanked the maidens who helped her.

The two had doned grey-green-silver traveling clothes and cloaks. Earwen was in an outfit of leggings and tunic, similar to those of the guards of Lorien. The ends of the tunic were tucked into a leather and silver belt. Her hair was braided and wound twice around her head. Meneldil had a matching pair of leggings and a long vest of green velvet over a light, silver shirt.

Earwen nodded to Meneldil to lead the way. They followed an escort single file out of the glade. A host of elves stood at the edge of the trees and waved farewell to the pair they had been harboring for the past few days.


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