A Sad Story: The Death of Deagol – Chapter 1

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This is the story of Smeagol and his life during the Third Age. Gandalf called his life a sad story, but he doesn’t really account for all the might have happened. I don’t presume that my version will be better that Tolkien’s. Far from it, as he is the master mind and I am simply a hobbyist.


Smeagol dove into the cool waters of the Anduin with relish. The hot afternoon made prowling about in holes and caves perfect activites. Deagol wanted to fish and neither really minded that the other wouldn’t be within sight all the time. With a thrust of his left and a small wiggle Smeagol pulled himself up on the shores of the Anduin to nose about.

His search was quickly rewarded and Deagol looked up from his fishing to see his friends bottom vanish into a small cave with a bounce. Silly, fool.” he thought to himself. One day he’s going to happen upon some nasty creature or get stuck in one of those filthy holes and end up dead.” His thoughts were suddenly broken off by a tug at his line. As he stuggled with his pole, the pulls became stronger and more frantic. This was one fish that wouldn’t get away. His resolve was strengthened by the fact that this fish was chewing away at his last hook.

With a yell he tumbled into the water as the line went slack. His pole was floating nearby with a broken fish wire. Deagol cursed and began swimming back to the boat when a golden glimmer caught his eye.

Smeagol snorted in disgust. “Nothing down here but some dry old bones.” he muttered to the darkness and began crawling back toward the patch of sunlight at the caves entrace. His feet popped out first and did a funny kind of up and down dance while the rest of him scooted out. Smeagol rolled over onto his back and looked up only when he had caught his breath.

“Hey, Deagol, where’d you go?” he called toward the empty canoe floating listlessly in the water. He laughed a huge gut laugh when his friends head popped up out of the water. “Fall in agian did ya?” he asked between hoots of laughter.

“Aye, I fell in, but I found something for my troubles.” came the shouted and slightly joyous reply.

“Well, come up here and share your good fotune with me.” Smeagol grinned as he pulled his friend dripping out of the water.

“Smeagol, my lad, take a look at this.” Deagol replied proudly.

Smeagol did look and a desire that he had never experienced washed over him. “Give it me, precious. It’s my birthday.” he whispered over Deagol’s shoulder.

“Not on your life! I already gave you your birthday present, and an awful lot it cost me too. I’m keeping this.”

“Give it me!” Smeagol shouted in anger. Deagol shook his head defiantly and turned to retrieve the boat. Smeagol lunged at his back; knocking both of them into the water. He sat on Deagol’s head in the shallow water and began clawing at his hand.

Deagol stuggled. He was fighitng for his life, but Smeagol was slightly bigger than he. The lack of air soon overcame him and his thrashing ceased. Without remorse over what he had done, Smeagol snatched the ring from his friends liftless hand and placed it on his finger. He looked down at the body, then over at the cave, and back at Deagol.

“No one will find him there,” his whispered and drug the body out of the water and pushed it into the cave. Rocks and large clods of dirt were piled up against the opening in no time, and not once did Smeagol feal an once of guilt over what he had done.


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