A Sad Story – Chapter 2: Discovery

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“I’m invisible!” the thought had seamed outrageous to him at first, but as Smeagol started at what should have been his face in a mirror, he realized it was true.

His first suspicioun had come when he had walked into the front hall of his Grandmother’s hole. He had strolled right past his Uncle Berry with a cheery smile and a “How do you do?” His Uncle had looked around himself, and then shook his head as if he was hearing things. Smeagol had become even more suspicious when his mother had tramped right by him and hadn’t told him to get his feet off the kitchen table.

A sudden elation filled him, and he began to scheme how he could use this ‘birthday present’ for his own benefit. He coud doubly get back at his cousins and other relatives for all the times they had picked on him about his cave obsession. A slow malicious grin crossed his face. His mother was going to have a dinner party at her hole, and she had invited the entire family. All he need to was find a suitable excuse for staying in his room that night so he could sneak down later and listen to the gossip.


“Did you hear what Clover Nightshade did last week?” Smeagol’s Aunt Diamond whispered at his mother. “She was caught with her beau in the haystack behind old Grandpa Heriring’s place kissing and carrying on, and who knows what else.”

“The things those youngsters in their tweens do these days!!” his mother excliamed indignantly. “Why if any of us had been……” Smeagol moved away from the two ladies, and slowly made his way around the room. For awhiled he listened to his father and one of his many Uncles talk about miscellaneous things.

Later in bed, Smeagol thought about all the secrets and scandals he had heard about tonight. The ring was definitely his best birthday present ever. If he kept using it like he did tonight, he would soon know every dirty thing about every hobbit in the Stoor region.


Clover Nightshade’s eyes widened in fright. “How did you find that out?” she practically shrieked at Smeagol.

“I know lots of things.” he replied. “I’m the shadow lurking in you living rooms, the fly on your bedroom wall. I know all the secrets about you and many others.”

“What do you want?” she asked now in a tense whipser.

“I want to know if all the rumors about you are true.” he was slowly circling the girl with an evil grin.

“You shoud already know that. What other secrets do you know?”

“I know everything, and if I told them to other people, you wouldn’t be held in such a high standing. You would be cast out, even spat upon.” he whispered with a malicious smile.

“I’ll tell your Grandmother that you’ve been spying on everyone. You know how much she hates a snitch and a back-stabber! She’ll cast you out, and she’ll spit on you not me!” Clover exclaimed and then rushed off into the growing gloom of night.


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