A Quest of a Lifetime: Robin’s Diary – Chapter Two: Journey into the Dark

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After many days they all had reached the bottom of the pass of Caradhras it was evening, calling a meeting Gandalf and the others decided on what would be there next move. Since she was not apart of the secret council, Robin stood just out of earshot waiting for word on what was to be done next. After hours of talking Legolas finally walked over to where Robin was sitting “We’re moving to make camp. In the morning we take the road to Moria” he replied coldly. With out a single word he moved up closely behind her holding her tightly “Do not fear my love. For I am now and will always be here for you” he whispered softly, “It is not that I am afraid, it’s that I know what lies a head of us in the dark of Moria” she replied softly so that no one else could hear her.
During the night Wargs suddenly surrounded the Fellowship. The protection of the four Hobbits was the only thing on Robin’s mind during the attack, “Stay close to me all of you and I shale protect you from the foul creatures” she hollered to the Hobbits. Not knowing what they should do Gandalf yelled suddenly telling them to do as she said for she has more power than he does. Trusting Gandalf’s word they all scurried and huddled behind the Robin as she started chanting an incantation that formed a protective shield around them while the others fought. When the Wargs had run off in defeat Robin dropped the wall as everyone gathered to talk about what should be done. With everyone exhausted after the battle it was decided that they would rest up that night and leave at first light. Looking around at the corpses, “I was wrong to have doubted you Robin, we will all be more attentive when you speak to us from now on” Frodo said as Sam Merry and Pippin nodded in agreement.


After eating a quick breakfast and setting Bill the pony free, as hard as it was for Sam to do, both he and Aragorn agreed that the mines were no place for a pony. Everyone headed off to the Mines of Moria where Gimli’s cousin Balin lived. With all of the twists and turns the path held it took them several hours to make their way to the walls of Moria. As Gandalf and Robin drew closer and closer they both could feel an immense demonic presence coming from within but neither of them could tell if it was going to interfere with the long dark journey the lied a head of them. “Gandalf, what lies ahead of us in Moria is only a part of what the danger that was revealed to me in my vision” Robin whispered softly. ” Let us just hope that it will not be able to over power the two of us, oh and Say nothing to the others of this” Gandalf whispered to Robin as they approached the large stone doors. With it still being a few hours till dark everyone decided to rest up while the still could since the hidden doors could only be reviled by the light of them moon and the stairs.
Leaning agents the same tree as Legolas, Robin gazed out upon the still blackness of the lake in front of her. Walking over “May I ask you something Robin?” Pippin asked softly being a little nervous over how she would react to what he had to ask. Looking downward at him “You may ask me anything my little friend” she replied lowering her self to be more at his level, “What did Gandalf mean when he said that you have more power the he last night when the Wargs attacked us?” Thinking about how to answer him in a way that wouldn’t frighten him too much, “Look here Pippin, I am the daughter of an ancient race that had long left Middle Earth. How do I explain this to you? Lets just say that there are only two others who powers could even come close to mine and you already know one” she explained softly. With some of her past finally revealed everyone with the exceptions of Gandalf, Aragorn and Legolas they all started moving in a bit closer in order to hear her better. “I have no memory of who my mother and father are or even anything about who my people are for I was just a mer babe when I was brought under Lord Elrond’s care in Rivendell. From what I have been told my mother was distantly related to both Lord Elrond and Lady Galadriel of Lothlorien. As for the extent of my powers, I’m afraid to say that I have known knowledge of my full ability. But Lord Elrond has thought me well with what abilities I am in control of.” Then with the assistance of Frodo Gandalf spoke the elvish word for Friend and the massive stone doors began to open.
As he stared into the blackness of Moria a look of terror came about Legolas’s face “I do not like the looks of this” he muttered quietly to Robin, “Nor do I my love, Nor do I,” she replied softly as they both walked through the massive stone doorway. With a crystal placed onto the top of his staff Gandalf was able to create just enough light for everyone to be able to see better. Before any one could speak ” This is no mine, it’s a TOMB! We should have taken the road South to my city” Boromir replied as every one looked around only to see the remains of a horrific battle. Walking over to one of the bodies “Goblins” replied Legolas as he pulled an arrow out of it. Before anyone else could say another word they all started to back out of Moria too terrified to move any farther into the darkness.
The next thing that anyone new was the sudden screams coming from the Hobbits as they all called for help. Turning quickly around everyone saw a massive serpent coming for out of the water using its numerous tentacles to grab Frodo and fight off any whom tried to save him. Staying back with the other three Hobbits, Robin watched as the two men along with Legolas were fighting the monster off and saving Frodo from a horrid death. With the creature at their heals they ran back into the darkness as the doorway caved in around it in it’s attempted to fallow blocking the way out. After a few seconds of complete and utter darkness Gandalf lit his staff once again “It is a four days journey through Moria, let us hope that we can make it with out being spotted” he replied as he started leading everyone into the depths of Moria.
After many, many hours of walking everyone started getting very tired,” Let us make camp, for we have all had a taxing day and could use the rest” he replied leading the way to a sidearm. With the room having only one doorway to keep watch on everyone sat around inside to get as much sleep as their troubled minds would let them. Before he was relieved by Gandalf on watch Legolas couldn’t help but glance into the room over towards the far corner in which Robin was seated, “Here I’ll take up the watch now, she needs you now” Gandalf whispered startling him a little. Moving over to where the Elf-maiden was “Some thing seems to be troubling you lass! What is it?” Gimli asked her softly. Looking up at him with a weak smile “I am extremely frightened of the dark my dear Dwarf” she replied pulling her knees up into her chest. Taking a seat beside her Gimli reassured Robin that as long as she stayed with the Fellowship that nothing was going to jump out of the dark and grab her or anything. Walking over “Is everything alright” whispered Legolas as he sat across from Robin, “Look it won’t be long until we are out of this place, so I suggest that we take some rest while we still can” he replied to the pair. Nodding in agreement Robin adjusted her sitting position placing her head onto her Prince’s lap as she drifted off to sleep.


After two long days of walking they finally reached The Great Hall and all hope of finding any surviving Dwarves were shattered upon Gimli’s discovery of the tomb of his cousin Balin. Running after him Robin was saddened when she had read the runes, “I am sorry my dear friend, his passing is a great loss for us all” she replied mournfully as she placed her hand onto his shoulder while he grieved his dear cousins passing. Picking up a thick book Gandalf read the last accounts of Balins people as everyone stood in silence. Looking over towards what looked like a well Pippin walked closer order to get a better look at an object that was sticking out of a corps. Reaching out his hand Pippin just barley gave it a twist as the corps fell backward into the well dragging a chain and bucket with it as it crashed loudly on its way down sending the loud echo all through out Moria, “Fool of a Took! Why don’t you throw your self in next and save us from your idiocy ” Gandalf scorned? As if coming from out of nowhere came the sudden sounds of a drum beating like the heart of a monstrous size.
With the sound of the drums growing quicker and louder Legolas, Aragorn and Boromir went to work blocking the door with what everything they could find as the Hobbits tried to hide behind Gandalf like Aragorn told them to. Pulling out her longbow and stringing it Robin prepared herself for what ever was to come bursting through the door. “Look at me” demanded Legolas “What ever is to happen in here, I just wanted to tell you that I love you! ” he said to her surprise as he stood by her side with his bow in hand as well. Before they new it the Orcs had busted their way through the door and the battle began. Everyone held there own in the fight until a cave troll entered the room swinging at everything in sight. Fighting her way up a set of stairs to a landing in order to get a better vantagepoint at the troll’s head, Robin watched as it started going after the Hobbits. Running low on arrows, she put away her bow and whipped out her dual elvin fighting blades and leaped off from where she was standing knocking down a small group of Orchs. As she began taking one down after another as she worked her way across the room to reach Frodo just as the troll stabbed him with a giant spear. Running up on the troll out of sheer anger and rage Robin tried attacking it with her blades only to be knocked across the room smashing into the stone wall. Seeing his beloved flying across the room and hitting the wall hard. Legolas was stunned, but when he realized that the troll was right in front of him he made his move by leaping onto its back and shooting two arrows into the base of its head. Jumping back off placing himself in between the troll and Robin who had just started to regain consciousness and then firing off another arrow into its mouth as it came crashing to the ground dead.
As things had started calming down a bit after the fight everyone ran over to see if Frodo was all right. Rolling him over Aragorn as well as the others were surprised to see that Frodo was just fine “That spear would have skewered a wild bore” replied Aragorn much to his dismay. Turning his attention over to Robin, Legolas ran over to where she was sitting upright holding the back of her head “Are you alright? That was a mighty hit you had taken from that troll,” he said softly kneeling down to start checking her injuries. Also running over to her side ” is she alright? What’s wrong with her head?” Pippin asked rapidly, “I’m just fine Pip! I banged my head on the wall when the troll threw me. How’s Frodo? Is he alright?” replied Robin flinching a bit as Aragorn was now applying something to her wound. Walking over to see how she was ” I’m alright Robin, Gandalf told me how you were injured while trying to save me” Frodo said, ” Think nothing of it Master Hobbit” she replied thankfully.
The happiness that everyone had felt was only to be short lived when the sounds of thousands of approaching Orcs were heard “Run! To the Bridge of Khazaddum” hollered Gandalf as he led everyone out the door and towards the bridge. Running as fast as they all could it didn’t take long before everyone was completely surrounded by Orcs. With weapons drawn everyone prepared for the worst but much to their surprise they never attacked but only stood there as if holding them to the spot. Then from the far reaches of the Hall there came a thundering roar as the light of what seamed like a giant fire could be seen. Moving closer into Legolas’s back unable to fight at that time Robin couldn’t believe what was headed their way, “What devilry is this” asked Boromir. Before Gandalf could reply ” It is called a Balrog, a demon of the under-world created by the Dark One” explained Robin much to everyone’s surprise, “Weapons are of no use here, run!” replied Gandalf as the Orcs started retreating. With the sudden feeling of light-headedness Legolas quickly picked Robin up onto his back and carried her as they fled.
After running for what felt like hours on end the all had finally reached the stairs the lead down to the bridge. Running single file across the bridge of Khazaddum, the Balrog smashed its way through the doorway revealing its monstrous size. With Robin still upon his back Legolas stopped for a moment in order to watch as Gandalf held the demon off. Just as it fell through the bridge into the black abyss. Turning around to face the others the Balrog cracked its fiery whip wrapping the end around him pulling him down off what was left of the bridge. “Fly you fools” Gandalf yelled at the others who just stood there dumbstruck right before he let go falling into the black after the demon. As she watched helplessly Robin along with a few of the Hobbits screamed uncontrollably as Gandalf fell. With nothing that could be done Aragorn led the rest out of Moria.
After two more days of running what was left of the Fellowship had finally reached the way out of Moria and out into the open. Setting her down Legolas knelt by Robin’s side as she grieved openly for Gandalf as did Merry, Pippin and Sam, “Legolas, get them up,” announced Aragorn. Not understanding “Give them a minute, for pity sake,” Boromir replied as he held Gimli from running back into Moria. Walking around “By night fall these hills will be swarming with Orcs. We must head to Lothlorien,” Aragorn explained bringing everyone back into reality over their situation. Upon hearing the name of the Golden Woods Robin was uneasy “I will walk from here on out my love,” she replied attempting to stand on her own. Walking quickly over to her side Aragorn caught her as she started to lose her footing “I think not! As independent as you are this is a time that you must depend on others my dear sister. I will carry you from here” replied sternly to the stubborn elf-maiden. Knowing him well enough Robin knew that it was useless to argue with an even more stubborn Ranger from the North “What are you waiting for, let us head out. The sooner we leave the sooner we reach the safety of the Golden Wood,” she replied as everyone followed as fast as they could.


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