a promise from the hearth – prologue

by May 29, 2003Stories

The weather was misty and the sky was grey.In the courtyard of the palace of gonder men with sadled horses stood ,preparing themself for a long journey .
They were to escort the sixteen year old prince eldarion to rohan , where he could finish his trainig .The men all laughed and joked . In these days the roads were save and they did not need to fear for trouble.Not even the weather could spoil the mood they where in .

But all of them kept quit when the king and queen came to bid there son goodbye. Eldarion got a hugh by his mother and some wise advise from his father . The capital of gonder had all come to say farewell to their beloved prince. Eldarion smiled as he saw them cheering .It was a great adventure he was going to experience and yet you could
see it in his eyes that he did not wanted to leave . not really .Something was holding him back

Nobody saw the girl standing by the gates . She didn’t cheere like the rest of the white city nor did she crie. She stood there with her head proud up and her eyes fixed at eldarion.

Eldarion got on his horse and road at the head of the compangnie . When he reached the gates he’d slowe down, bent forward and give something to the girl that was standing there .He felt a shiffer when their fingers touched .And then he rode like hell to keep himelf from turning around .

The girl went to the walls and watched them disseapear . when she couldn’t see them anymore she opend up her hand and saw a beautiful simpel neclace along with a note . It said ; wait for me . The girl stood there al while longer without caring she’d be late for her job ,or the trouble she was in . Al she could think was : I’ll wait for you , my love I’ll wait .


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