a promise from the hearth – chapter 8 – the ending .

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Maywen woke up in Eldarions arms . How did she get there? Then , like a storm , her memories started floting back to her . Yesterday had been their weddingday . Maywen smiled at the memory . Eleonor had been the bride’s made and it hurted to know that ,once she was married with elfwine , she wouldn’t see her friend as often as she would like to . But she was happy for her though .

Maywen now thought back at the days before the wedding. She had had her confrontation with Navallah.

She was brushing her hair wen a knock came from the door . “Come in ” Maywne shouted , expecting it to be Eleonor . Instead Navallah pulled the door behind her . Maywen saw her standing in the mirror , and quicly turned around , ready to tell her to leave .
But it was not the cold , proud , selfconsinous Navallah who stood there. It seemed like she had shrunk a litlle and she did no longer had a cold harsh glance in her eyes . Instead , Maywen could only see sorrow in her eyes .

” I’ve come to apologize ” Navallah said in a voice that was warm, soft and full of regret .

Maywen suddenly felt a great respect for Navallah . It must not be easy to put aside her pride and apoligize to someone that she had hated so long.

” It’s alright ” Maywen said .

“No it’s not . ” Navallah said , as if he was angry at herself . ” All the time there was a litle voice inside of me screaming that I was wrong , but I refused to listen. And I would like to thank you.

Maywen looked at her in , thinking she was joking her. ” for what? “

“For not slapping me , I now you must of wanted too . And also to say goodbye. My brother and I wil go to Doll Amroth.” Navallah smiled .” I wish you lots of luck . And love . ” Nacallah turned around and left the room .

Saying goodbye of Dorian was harder.

They stood in the stables , while Dorian was packing up his horse . ” Do you blame my sister? “he asked .

“In the beginning. Now I respect her . ” Dorian looked at het in amasement. “Well I didn’t say we are the best of friends. ”

Dorian laughed , and said without looking at her : ” You’re going to be really happy with him , won’t you?

Maywens smile faded . She layed her hand on his arm and said ; ” You’ll find her one day , you know . She’s waiting for you out there .

Dorian finally looked at her and asked ; ” who? ”

” The one who will make you happy. ” Maywen looked at him with sympathy .

Dorian smiled. ” perhaps. “


Maywen rolled herself out of Eldarions arms , but he didn’t wake up . She walked to the window and looked out of it , at Minas Tirirth . ‘One day ‘, she tought ‘ all of this is going to be Eldarions responsibility . And I’ll stand behind him.’

She smiled , and crawled back in bed .


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