a promise from the hearth – chapter 3

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Maywen just stood there. She couldn’t move, she couldn’t even breath.What she wanted the most was to run away , far away from him.But instead she just watched. She watched him while he introduced the lady to his parents. Them came two young men, probably the princes of Rohan.She saw him look at the lady and followed his gaze.
It was a beautiful lady, black hair , black eyes, tall and proud. And yet Maywen could not see kindness in the lady’s face. But that could also be because of her jeaulosie.The mysterious woman laughed a perfect smile and Eldarion and she walked towards her. Why? Ofcourse , she was standing next to his sister.
All of the sudden , Maywen was furious at him. Who did he think he was, for goodness sake? How dared he come home with another? He could at least be so polite to send her a message or something, to tell her his feelings had changed. Why didn’t he do it ? To see her reaction when he got home? Well, she was not going to give him the satisfaction to know he had broken her hearth. She straitenend her back, lifted up her chin and changed her face to stone.

Eleonor didn’t understand a thing of the whole situation.She didn’t know her brother had a fiancee. And judging by the look on Maywens face , neither did she. She had been friends with Maywen for so long now , she knew for certain that her friend hadn’t lied when she had told her about her brothers feelings for her . And then the pendant… This didn’t make sense. Eleonor looked at her friend and saw the expression was as cold as ice.

Eldarion gave a large smile at Eleonor before saying:”What is this? When I left you were a child and when I return I find a young woman.”

Eleonor smiled back.” I’ve also noticed something strange my dear brother . You leave as a spoiled brat , and you come back as almost a married men.”

Eldarion now laughed out loud:” some things never change .”

“No my dear brother” Eleonor said seriously”something never will. You remember Maywen, right?”

Eldarion now looked for the fisrt time at Maywen. His eyes looked suprised into hers, but he only got a stif look back .He quickly glanced at the neclace.

Damnit , she tought , I should’ve hid the blasted thing. Suddenly Eldarion looked very tired and he whisperd to her in a soft voice, although everybody else heard :” I didn’t recongnize you.”

“Well , ofcourse not “Maywen said in a cold, hard, voice,”it appears that I am not such a memerobable person.”

He looked at her with guilty eyes, but didn’t say anything.

Instead, the lady spoke.”That’s a lovely necklace” she said , bending a bit so she could see it better.” Where did you get it from?”

Maywen didn’t take her eyes of Eldarion when she drew a deep breath, to control her anger and said :” It was a gift from someone I loved, a long time ago. But I am going to give it back . My love for him is no more.”
Then she turned around and walked away to the gardens , just when the princes of rohan arrived to meet with Eleonor. If she had stayed , she would of saw the hurt in Eldarions eyes like Eleonor and the lady did.

After the welcoming dinner , and all the formalties , Maywen still hadn’t showed up . Eleonor was getting worried. She knew Maywen was in the garden , but she wouldn’t know what to say to her. She didn’t understand the situation. Eldarion! He must know something more. Besides , he deserved some serious butkicking. So when she saw Eldarion , she dragged him away from the lady, who was following him around like a sick puppy, under the exuse of ‘ a lot of catching up to do ‘

Once they had a private room Eldarion started: ” so, what happend while I was gone?’

Eleonor glared daggers at him. “Oh, nothing special” she said sarcasticly ” I made friends with this very nice girl , that has the ridiculous idea that you loved her . Isn’t that silly? “

“Eleonor-” Eldarion begun but she didn’t let him finish.

” And do you know what the funny part is? She’s got a pendant just like the one you had. Isn’t that strange?

“Eleonor-” he tried again but it didn’t work .Eleonor simply contineud.

“WHAT WERE YOU THINKING? ” she yelled ” SHE LOVES YOU, AND WAITED FOR YOU ! WHY ON EARTH DID YOU BRING HER BACK WHEN YOU HAD MAY- ” ” ELEONOR ” eldarion shouted . Who I want for my bride is my blasted bussines . Do you understand?

they glared at eachother for a moment and then Eldarion asked in a tense voice :” Where is she?”

” I don’t know where that black witch of yours is ” Eleonor answered.

“I meant maywen” he said

Eleonor relaxed . “In the garden ” she said .” But- Too late . He was already gone.


Maywen sat on the bench, feeling hopelesly sorry for herself. How could he? And then that lady . His fiancee…She was beautiful , perhaps one of the most beautiful woman she ever saw , except for Arwen. She never could of competed with her beauty and she was sure Eldarion felt the same way .
“Maywen?” a voice behind her said.” I thought you would come here .”

“Mylord ” she said bowing her head but looking Eldarion still in the eyes .

“Don’t call me mylord. You never have and now is not a good time to start . ” he said.

Maywen looked at him , but not in a friendly way . “On the countrery ,mylord . I think it is time that I knew my place. After all , who al I that you would remember?

Eldarion kept silent for a litlle while. ” I suppose I’ve earned that ” he said in a sad voice ” but please , just listen to me . I can’t marry you . I’m sorry but I just can’t.


“Yes I realize” eldarion said , he now looked close to despair ” I realize what a wonderful woman you will be . How you’re going to be a great mother.
I realize what I am giving up only too well. The only thing I would want now is to take you in my arms !

Maywen was shocked. “You’re getting married for crying out loud ! what do you want me to do ? Throw myself in your arms and become your misstres?I’d rather cut my troth then become somebody’s misstres.”

“I’M NOT ASKING YOU TO BE MY MISTRESS !” Eldarion shouted. There was a painful silence and then Eldarion whisperd : ” I love you . And I pray to the valar you will forgive me .

Maywen was confused. This wasn’t happening ,she thought. Why wouldn’t he marry her?

“Give me a reason” she whisperd .”Give me a reason why you won’t marry me.

They stood there for a few minutes in silence looking in eachothers eyes but Eldarion kept silent. Maywen closed her eyes and drew a deep breath . She took the necklace from her chest , walked towards him , took his hands and placed it in his hands .

“Goodbye mylord” she said in a distant, dissapointed voice. Then she slowly walked away , leaving him standing there .

As the tears feel down her cheeks she whiperd to herself :goodbye my love . But only ,this time she didn’t wanted the wind to carry her words to him.


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