a promise from the hearth – chappie 4

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After watching her leave, Eldarion leaned with his head against a tree. He knew with every sense that he had that he had done the right thing . Then why did it feel so wrong?

Maywen walked back to her room and when she opend the door she saw that Eleonor was sitting on the bed . Maywen tried to smile at her friend , but it was no use. Eleonor already saw that her eyes were fiery red. They both lyed down on the bed facing eachother . For a while Maywen could only crie. After she had calmed down she told the whole story.

“I really , really don’t understand,” Eleonor said , ” I thought that he was going to you to set things right, not make an even bigger mess of it .”

“Who is she anyway?”Maywen asked.

“I believe that she is the sister-daughter of the queen of rohan. Her parents died young and she was raised at king Eomers court . She’s got a brother who’s 3 years older then her and she herself is 19 and she is called Navallah” Eleonor explaned . “That’s all I know”

“It doesn’t matter anymore , you know”, Maywen said in a thick voice.”He’s going to marry that…that..”

“Whore? Eleonor tried to help .

“Don’t do that ” Maywen said in a soft voice.


“Hate her because of me ”

There was a short silence and then Maywen said : “Try and make friends with her, for your brothers sake…”

Navallah looked around her new room and got a large grin on het face. This was something else then that filthy shack of her in Edoras. She walked towards the large mirror in the corner and looked at herself. She smiled one of her oh-I’m-so-perfect smiles and already saw herself as high queen of gondor.She couldn’t believe how easy it went. Ofcourse that sevantgirl was going to be a problem. She wasn’t fool enough to think that Eldarion had stopped loving her, even if she had made him believe he had slept with her. But if she kept Eldarion close to herself , the problem would be fixed. She couldn’t help it laugh out loud . She now walked towards the window and looked out on minas tirith . One day , she tought , this is all going to be mine….
Eleonor walked towards Navallah’s room . Even though she didn’t understand the situation , she knew in her hearth that Maywen was right . It wasn’t fair to navallah to hate her without knowing her. She knocked on the door and after a few minutes, she stared in navallah’s face.
” eh navallah “Eleonor said” I thought you might wanted to , eh , walk in the gardens with me?”
To Eleonor’s great relief navallah smiled and said :” I’d loved to “
The first half hour they walked things went great . They talked for most of the time and one of arwen’s lady’s , an older woman named minya, joined them .The 3 woman talked and laughed like they had been friends for all there life, although Eleonor got the feeling that navallah was forcing herself to laugh and talk . Probably because she was nervous, Eleonor thought. It was minya who saw Maywen and before Eleonor could stop her , she had already called out for her . Obviously not comfertable ,Maywen carefully approched . When she arrived by the women navallah sudedenly said to Maywen : ” oh there you are , I’ve been looking for you , in my room there are some filthy clothes , fetch them and wash them and don’t dare dammage them ” Then she looked at Eleonor and Minya, who were looking astonned , and said : ” mylady’s ; if you would exuse me , I am going to find my fiance” After a demeaning glance at Maywen , navallah left .
They watch her leave with asthonnishment on their faces , and then Minya said , absoluty horrified : “I have never seen such manners on a lady , how dared she . ” ” Yeah ” Eleonor said ” what a witch “
Maywen said nothing but felt deeply insulted . She got a feeling that she was not going to become friends with her…..


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