a promise from the heart – chapter 6

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Time went by and summer came , it was not going to be long until the midsummerfeast and both Maywen as Eleonor had found a partner . Eleonor was going with Elfwine , to nobody’s suprise . The fact that Maywen was going with Dorian caused a little more commotion . About the entire female population of Minas Tirth was jealous of her . Not that Maywen cared. She was enyoing herself fine with Dorian. He flirted almost constantly with her and she sometimes flirted back.Although everybody , except Eleonor, thought they had already kissed , they hadn’t . For some reason Maywen didn’t want to. The thought that that reason was Eldarion , she found ridiculous. There was nothing wrong with playing hard to get she tought .

But when she stood for the mirror dressing herself up for midsummerfeast , she knew that she couldn’t wait no more . She felt really confident in her red gown, with her hair braided in and flowers behind her ear. They’re was also no reason whatsoever why she would wait. And she really wanted to kiss with Dorian, she tought. Eleonor walked in . ” Oh Maywen” she gigled ” you look beautiful. ”

Maywen looked at Eleonor . ” Not half as beautiful as you I assure you ” Eleonor blushed .Maywen meanded it . Eleonor was resembling Arwen more and more every day.

Elfwine and Dorian were standig underneath the stairs , waiting for them . Both Eleonor and Maywen had large grins on their faces by the sight of the 2 admirers faces. Dorian offered Maywen his arm and Elfwine did the same with Eleonor . They walked towards the garden were the feast would be held . It was also the feast for Arwen and king Ellassar weddings day .

Maywen felt better and better . The four of them talked and laughed as if they hadn’t a care in the world. Elfwine was telling a very amusing story how he and Dorian once tried to ride the most largest and furious horse in the riddermark , both only 7 year old , when Navallah gave them the pleasure of her compangie .

“Mylord , Mylady ” she said to Elfwine and Eleonor , who replied politely , ” Brother ” she nodded towards Dorian ,who held his breath . What was his sister up to ?

Without adressing her Navallah said to Maywen in her most arrogant voice : ” Are you enyoing the feast ? I hope you do , because I’m certain that you won’t be a the ceromony over 10 days . ” She laughed her most evil grin .

” Actuelly ” Maywen replied , hardly containing her laugh , ” I will most certainly go , mylady now I am invited .”

Navallah dropped her jawn . This was the last answer she had exspected . Without saying a word , she turned around and tried to find her fiancee .

“C’mon ” Dorian whisperd to her and dragged her to the dansfloor . He dansed very well and she had the feeling she was floting . The suns was going under when he leaded her away from the dansfloor , far away from the party . She let him until hey came by a bench , where they both sat down . They looked in eachothers eyes . “You’re so beautiful ” he whispered and bent over to kiss her . Their lips almost touched when Maywen instinctively pulled back and whisperd ” no ” . Dorian closed his eyes , pulled back , and when he opend them he had the most saddedst look in them she ever saw .
” Do you love him that much ? ” he asked .

” I.. I.. don’t know . I’m furious at him but I can’t seem to get him out of my head . ” Maywen answered . This was supposed to be the part where she said sorry but she didn’t . She felt really bad about it but she wasn’t sorry . She felt she had done the right thing . She wouldn’t let anyone kiss her without being in love.

Dorian sighed . ” It think it’s time we should go back to the party , I have some matters to discuss with the king ” And when he saw her sad face he said ” don’t worry , perhaps you will be the bride in ten days time , I hope for your sake and Eldarions that it wil be that way . ” He sighed again. ” You two were meant to be …….”

Navallah saw her brother return with a sad look on his face . She turned him down, she tought . And Dorian was heading towards the king . Navallah paniced . He was going to tell ! She couldn’t let that happen . She quickly runned towards him , exacly when he had reached the king , and pulled him away . ” I need to talk to you” she murmulled .


The next morning , Maywen looked over the intire palace for Dorian but she couldn’t find him . It was as if he had gone up in flames . She was slightly panicing when she ran into Navallah . ” Oh it’s you ” Maywen said , not bothering to be polite ” where is your brother ? ”

Navallah looked at her like she was a piece of dirt . ” Your manners still haven’t improved I see , and as for my brother , he has left the palace yesterday , and I think you are to blame for that . ”

Maywen wanted to say something back but Navallah had already followed her way . Leave ? Without saying goodbye ? That was nothing for Dorian , even if she had hurt his feelings…

She sighed . She knew it was no use to look for Eleonor , because she would already be in the gardens , accompgnied by Elfwine. Those two had really hit it of .

Instead of that she went to the stables , to see if Eleonors horse , that was with child , had already given birth . There she found it was not so , and a bit dissapointed she wanted to head to her room . But then a horse drew her attention . Its name was randa and it’s owner’s was Dorian .She knew the horse only too well , how many times hadn’t she been out riding with Dorian . He loved that horse , there was no way he would leave without taking his
horse! Navallah ! She knew more of it , of that Maywen was sure. But what could she do? She could already hear herself saying ‘ hey Navallah do you
happend to know if you aren’t keeping your brother capitive’ , or something like that .

She sighed and went back to the castle .


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