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“Aragorn! I am a Ranger, you are my captain. I will do anything I can to protect my captain, and brother, from harm. You know that,” Mara says lovingly. “I love you, that is why I disobeyed. I didn’t want you getting hurt.”
“I love you too Mara, that is why I told you not to fight, I did not want you getting hurt,” Aragorn said.
“If you truely love me, you will let me fight tonight,” Mara says smiling.
“You set me up,” Aragorn glared at his sister. “I should not be saying this, but yes you can fight tonight. BUT you must stay with either Legolas or I. Understand?”
“Of course Aragorn. As long you BOTH let me actually fight!” Mara says reading their minds.
“We will. Now we must go get ready for battle,” Aragorn says slinging his arm around Mara.
As they were walking by Theoden and Eowyn Mara heard them talking.
“But uncle! Mara gets to fight. Wny can’t I?” Eowyn asks.
“She has had training. Whereas you have not. Now go inside,” Theoden says pointing to the cave.
“Only if Mara does too!” Eowyn exclaims.
Theoden sighs and rubbs his temples.
“Mara, may I have a word with you?” he calls out.
“Yes my Lord?” Mara replies walking over.
“I know you are a Ranger, and you have had intense batlle training, but would you mind staying with the women and children?”
“Honestly, my lord, I would mind very much. You see, my duty is to fight. To protect people who cannot protect themselves. That and my captain has already said I could fight tonight,” Mara answers bravely.
“I see, and whom, may I ask, is your captain?” Theoden asks.
“Aragorn is the captain of all the Rangers of the North,” Mara answers before walking back to Legolas. Aragorn had gone inside.
“Why did you say no?” Legolas asks takeing her hand.
“You were evesdropping!” Mara acuses.
“Yes I was. You did not answer my question,” Legolas repeats.
“I said no because I want to fight! I want to protect the people that mean the most to me! You, and Aragorn, even Gimili!” Mara exclaims.
“What if I asked you to? TO stay where it is safe?” Legolas asks.
“I would say no. I have to protect my loved ones,” Mara said walking away.


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