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While everyone is putting on armor, Aragorn, Legolas, and Mara talk amongst themselves amiably. All of a sudden Legolas becomes negative.
“They’re scared,” he says in English.
Then, seeing everyone look at him he switches to Elvish.
“Boe a hyn: neled herain… dan caer menig?” he said.
“Si beriathar hyn ammaeg na ned Edoras.” Agaron replied.
Mara just stood looking at the floor. She hated when people she loved fought.
“Aragorn, nedin dagor hen ú-‘erir ortheri. Natha daged dhaer.” Legolas said.
Mara squeezed her eyes shut at his words.
“Then I shall die as one of them!!!!” Aragorn shouted as Mara ran out of the room.
“MARA!” Legolas called after her.
“No, let her be. She hates it when the people she love fight with each other. She will probably go and look at the stars and calm down,” Aragorn told him.
“Why look at the stars?” Legolas asked.
“Our mom always used to tell us that when we got upset with each other, we could just go outside and look at the stars. And our father would be up there looking down at us. And all we had to do was tell him what was wrong, and he’d make it right again,” Aragorn smiled as he was telling Legolas. “I grew out of that, she never did.”
“I am still going to see if she is alright. I will not interrupt her, but just see,” Legolas said leaving the room.
When Legolas found Mara she was sitting on the top of the gate tower with her knees up and her head on them crying.
Legolas was torn. He had promised Aragorn that he would not interrupt her, but she was crying and needed someone to comfort her. After a long moment of debating, he chose to ignore his promise and go over to her.
“Mara, nîn meleth,” he said picking her face up so he could see her. “Man carel le?”
“Mankoi lle irma sint?!” Mara exclaimed angrily,
“A’maelamin,” Legolas said touching her arm.
She yanked it out of her reach.
“Why do you two fight? You always end up fighting!”
“WE have….different views on the world…”
“THAT IS NO EXCUSE!!!!” Mara yelled hitting him.
He grabbed her arm and pulled her towards him, and kissed her.
She fought for a while, but then stopped and started kissing him back.
“Meleth,” Legolas said pulling away from the heated makeout session. “We shouldn’t do this. I’m a prince, it’s not proper. What would happen…..”
He stopped talking then.
“Meleth, I don’t care what happens.” Mara sighed.
“You really want this?” he asked between kisses.
“Yes,” she begged.
“After the battle then. After the….after celebration, WHEN we win,” he said stroking her cheek. “Okay?”
“Of course,” Mara laughed.
“Then let’s go finish getting ready.”


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