A New Shadow – Chapter Four

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Someone picked him up.

“Are you alright?!” asked Gimli, who sounded quite alarmed.

“You just shouted and fell back!”

Legolas was a little confused. “No. No, I’m fine. I…” he was interrupted by Aragorn.

“What do you mean fine? You were out cold for around five minutes!” Legolas was quite shocked.

“What? But I… but he…” the elf stopped again. “I’m so confused… there were eyes. In the water.” The other two just stared at him. “There’s a tunnel down there. He told me that that’s where they were!”

Aragorn looked suspicious. “Are you sure that’s exactly what he said?”

Legolas looked slightly uncomfortable and looked at his feet. “Well, not exactly,” he mumbled, but then brightened up. “But it was close enough! I think we should search it…”

There had been quite a heated discussion about what to do. Legolas had been adamant about the tunnel, saying that it was what they’d been searching for and that’s where they should go. Gimli on the other hand was equally adamant about not using the tunnel.

“Firstly, we’d have to swim to get down there. I can’t swim with all this armour on; I’d sink like a rock!”

Legolas looked at him. “Not that you wouldn’t anyway…” he said. Gimli huffed and then carried on.

“And that monster might still be down there, goodness knows what that’ll do to us!” he shouted. In the end it was up to Aragorn to reach a compromise.

“Alright now you two, that’s enough! Gimli, you go back to the palace and get two horses. Don’t tell them what’s happened, understand? The king getting worried is all we need right now! Legolas and I will go down and check out the tunnel.” The others seemed quite pleased about this, and agreed.

The water was freezing cold, but they had to check this tunnel; it could hold the key to everything. Aragorn and Legolas swam down, and were both relived to see that, yes, there was a cave on the other side. They dragged themselves up onto the bank and, dripping wet, listened out for any noise, or movement. There seemed to be nothing.

“Where should we look?” asked Aragorn, but then suddenly he was interrupted by a hideous screech.

“Goblins!” shouted Legolas, and he was right, because suddenly a hoard of goblins came streaming round the corners. There was a fierce fight; lots of sword action from Aragorn and Legolas’ bow was singing as arrows flew from it.

Tathiel just didn’t know what was happening, but then she felt a cold grip like steel grip her wrist.

“He’s here! Now all I need is for him to come up here! Now, my sweet, there’s just one thing I need you to do…” it said, and started to twist her arm round and up. Tathiel knew that it wanted her to cry out; to scream, and Legolas would come running up, and- “No!” she thought. “I wont scream, I wont, I mustn’t, I can’t!” she thought, but no use. The pain was too much, and she cursed her weak will-power as her cry ricochet around the room.

There was a break in the attacking goblin force, when a shriek filled the air…

“Tathiel!” cried Legolas. The scream was coming from up the stairs. He sprinted to them and began to make his way up.

“Legolas, come back here!” Aragorn shouted after him, and he went to follow, but then a new wave of goblins arrived.

“Well, he’s on his own now,” thought Aragorn. “But I’ll help him however I can…” and began to slash through the goblin forces…

“Oh no! No, no no no! He can’t come up, he mustn’t come up!” thought Tathiel. “Please don’t let him have heard me…” She listened as carefully as she could, when she heard her brother’s voice echoing up the stairway. Her heart skipped a beat. “Oh no! Legolas don’t come up! Please stay, please don’t come, oh Legolas, if you do It’s going to ki-” but she was stopped by the cold clammy hand of It.

“Ooh no! Mustn’t say that! You might scare him away, my sweet…”

Legolas ran up the stairs, but then realized that if he made this much noise and the what-ever-it-was heard him, he’d be down and out before he’d realize what was happening. He softly slipped into the shadows and kept making his way up. The stairs were of a cold black marble, and the halls had no amount of warmth or friendliness about it. This just made him more anxious to find Tathiel and get her out of this forsaken hell-hole… it was getting too dark to see, and even with his sharp elven-eyesight he had to put his hand against the wall to guide him. Suddenly he stumbled forward onto his knees.

“I swear something just tripped me up!” he thought, but he kept it to himself. However, his thoughts were interrupted by a horrible screech as the two marble doors he’d fell through slowly shut. If that wasn’t shocking enough, as they shut by themselves, that same cold, uncaring voice slinked through the shadows;

“At last… I thought you’d never turn up…”

Legolas whipped an arrow from his quiver and fitted it to the string. He looked around for something that might give him an indication of where to shoot, but It stayed in the shadows.

“I’ve been expecting you…” said the voice. “You certainly take your time don’t you? That’s the problem with elves, so slow…” Legolas aimed his bow in the direction of the sound, but then whipped round when he heard the voice coming from behind him.

“Where’s my sister?!” he demanded loudly. It laughed, mockingly.

“Oh, she’s here with me. Do you want proof?” it asked, and there was a thud like something had been kicked.

There was a soft sobbing sound, followed by; “Come on. He wants proof that you’re here, so go on, show open your eyes, stop crying, and show him!” ordered the voice. At this a small pair of bright eyes seemed to glow out of the darkness.

“Tathiel!” said Legolas, and went to walk towards her.

“Uh-uh-uh!” said the voice. “Don’t come much closer, or else…” and drew a long sword-like knife.

Legolas froze. “Why are you doing this to her? What’s she ever done to you?!” He was desperate to just hear the answer… to this and another question.

“And who are you?”

It was silent, and then that arctic laugh returned. “I am Saurar, Lord of the Shadows, Detester of the Light, and if you must know, it’s not your imbecilic little sibling I want,” It said. “It’s you!”

Suddenly something hit Legolas round the head so hard that he spun round and landed hard on the floor. As he blacked out, he felt the blood trickling down his forehead and Saurar standing over him.

“Goodbye, Prince of Mirkwood…”


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