A New Kind of Evil – the beginning

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AUTHOR’S NOTE: Ok, you know I have to say this but please be honest about this one. I promise not to write anymore if you hate it. Plus, I know I just wrote one but I had this great idea and I hope you don’t think it’s an old worn out idea. Enjoy!


The world of Middle Earth lies in peace after the fall of Sauron. Kingdoms are lowering their guard but they mustn’t because evil still lurks. Strange shadows have been found in the land of elves and they have been trying to cover their world in darkness. It will take shape and take over each land one by one. No one knows of this evil or how it has gotten to Middle Earth but there is one thing they do know, no one can stop it. But there is one hope. An ancient Elven tale tells of the four warriors who can stop the great and unknown evil. They come from a different place and time and will be proficient in any weapon laid before them. All the inhabitants of Middle Earth can do is hope that they will come, soon.
In a land parallel to Middle Earth, four young girls live in a protected world. They know nothing of the evil that invades Middle Earth and will eventually invade their own world. They know nothing of each other but they have one thing in common: they are related by destiny. And now their safe, protected lives will change, forever.


A crisp autumn breeze pushed Julia along as she walked home from school. She sighed and began to walk slower. What’s the hurry? You have no reason to be in a rush. She thought to herself as she ambled along. Suddenly, someone gave her a shove from behind. It was just her best friend Lizzie.
“What’s going on, Julia?” she asked.
“Nothing at all.” She answered.
“Well, are you going to see Grandma Carla? She should be in town by now.”
Julia gave an annoyed sigh. “I hate when she comes to visit.”
“You do not. We all love Grandma Carla and besides, she took care of us.”
Lizzie was right. Grandma Carla was the only parent Lizzie and she have known. She adopted them along with two other girls when their parents died in a horrific car accident. “That’s true but I just don’t like her stories. She still treats us like we’re five. All those stories of elves and stuff, like that is all true like she claims. Besides, meeting up with Rachel and Lori again isn’t my favorite thing to do.”
“We grew up with them. Why do you hate them?”
“I don’t hate them. When we separated in Middle School we just grew apart. Lori hangs out with her fellow dance team members and Rachel is too shy to talk to us.”
“Let’s just go.”
They came to a small little house on top of a hill. That was Grandma Carla’s house when autumn came around. They entered and were met there by Rachel and Lori. Lori. Lori was in her full dance uniform and Rachel took on her usual jeans and t-shirt look. Julia took a long look at them both. Lori had light blonde hair that came to her shoulders and she always wore something sporty so she could dance anywhere. She was also beautiful and knew it. Unfortunately, the look in her eyes could kill and so could her right hook. She had an awful temper.
Rachel had the potential to be a heart breaker but she chose to close herself up. Casual dress was definitely meant for her. Anything that didn’t draw any attention to her made her happy. Her long brown hair was always pulled back and unlike Lori, her eyes were filled with pain and fear.
Then there was Lizzie. She loved everything about her best friend except that she was the definitive Tolkien fan. She took in all the stories of Middle Earth including the ones their grandmother told them. Her thoughts were always there and Julia was annoyed easily because nothing about elves, wizards or hobbits was practical. But from their grandmother’s description, Julia thought Lizzie could be an elf. She had that sort of beauty that only her grandmother could describe. She had golden blonde hair and green eyes that lit up when Middle Earth was mentioned. Everything about Lizzie, Rachel and Lori made Julia jealous. She hated everything about herself from her raven black hair right to her pale blue eyes. The only thing she prided herself on was her practicality. Julia always had the practical answer for everything and wouldn’t read fairy tales past the age of ten. That’s when she found a great interest in the history of her world and not the history of Middle Earth.
When she finished her metal notes on the girls around her, her attention was given to the old woman sitting in front of them. They all gathered around her and she handed each of them an ancient-looking wood box.
“I know you don’t believe in my stories anymore so I brought something to prove it. Open the boxes please.” They obeyed and found a silver pendent that surrounded a lovely stone. Each girl had a different color. There was also a ring to match. On each piece of jewelry there was strange engravings. It surrounded the stone on the necklace and was on the inside of the ring band.
“They are so amazing. Why are giving these to us?” Rachel asked.
“I was told to do so many years ago. Put them on.” They obeyed once again and when they placed the rings on their fingers they were almost positive the ring shrunk or grew to fit their finger. They decided at once that it was their imagination.
“Thank you so much.” Julia said. The others chimed in or nodded in agreement.
“Your welcome my dears. Now sit down and tell me everything that has happened in the year I’ve been away.”
For hours the girls told stories of their lives going by them. Normal things like exams, tryouts and boyfriends were naturally brought up. But every once in a while their grandma would ask odd questions like if they felt different from everyone else or if they had strange dreams. Even if any of that occurred, no one said anything because it just felt too strange that she knew of their dreams. Late in the night Grandma Carla stopped the conversation.
“It’s late, girls. I need to rest now. Why don’t you go to your rooms now and go to sleep, too.”
“Alright. Good night Grandma Carla.” Lizzie said.
They girls followed each other upstairs and slept immediately. While Julia slept another strange dream came to her. She was in a forest and everything seemed to have a golden light to it. She saw the other girls and they just stood in silence. Suddenly, a voice began to call them. It was as if they had no control over themselves and they just walked towards the voice. Julia found herself awake with the others and the voice was still calling them, calling them to their destiny.


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