A New Kind of Evil – Part 4 – Training Begins

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“Have you ever wielded a weapon before?” Aragorn asked. The girls shook their heads and looked and him strangely. “Well, I can help you with the sword but if you are to become masters at your weapon of choice, then it would be better if you had a one on one teacher.” He whistled and three other men came out from behind trees. “This is Legolas, Sindaros, and Althoron. They will be helping me today. Lets us begin.”

Aragorn stepped toward Julia. He started showing her basic things like foot -work and how to hold the sword. They quickly moved to striking and other attack methods. Aragorn was impressed by how fast she caught on. Within an hour they were having small mock battles. After being beaten terribly, Julia asked for a break.

“So what’s your story? Why are you here?” she asked as she gasped for air.

“I am the king of Gondor. My land has been attack several times and I felt so helpless. My wife Arwen and I came here to see if Lord Elrond knew anything about this strange knew enemy. I was surprised by the fact that you will save my land.”

“I haven’t done it yet and I’m really not ready to go save a whole world just yet.”

“You’re right, let’s practice some more so you will be ready for a sudden attack.

“Look, Legolas, I have never held a bow in my life so could you please help me out!” Lizzie cried out as she tried to fit the arrow on the bow.

“I am trying to show you.” Legolas said trying to be patient. “Just copy what I am doing.” Lizzie tried to copy him but the bowstring somehow came back and smacked her on the head. She looked at Legolas as she rubbed her head. He smiled. “Let me help you.”

He walked toward her and stood behind her. His plan was to help her fit the arrow and pull back the bow. The plan failed in an instant. As he wrapped his arms around her and grabbed her hands he was met by and elbow to the ribs. Legolas then flew upside down and looked at Lizzie from the ground. Her hands were up as if she was going to fight him.

“You are here to help me learn how to shoot a bow and you are not getting a free feel in the process! When you get up, keep your distance.” Lizzie suddenly had a fierce tone to her voice. Legolas rose slowly and turned to her.

“I am sorry, Lady. Please forgive me.”

“Fine, you’re forgiven. Now let’s just get this over with.” After she forgave him, they resumed their practice, in silence.

“We are going to be spending a lot of time together so why don’t you tell me about yourself.” Lori said to Sindaros.

“I am an elf of Lothlorien, that is all you need to know. I am your trainer, not your friend.”

Lori stared at the elf. How could someone be that cold? She thought to herself. They began and she did not think of it much more. Lori caught on very quickly. After a few practice drills she was in a full fight with Sindaros. At one point she threw down her daggers and began a hand-to-hand fight with him. Soon he was on the ground with a few swift kicks. From his new position, he looked up at her.

“Perhaps there is a warrior in you after all.” He said.

“And perhaps you’re not as tough as you seem.” She smiled and held out her hand.

“So where exactly is Rohan? Did you travel far to get here?” Rachel was full of questions for Althoron. That was only a few of many she asked before they began their actual training. Althoron laughed at her curiosity.

“It is a land very far from here. I chose to answer the call because Rohan was already hit by the shadows and torn apart. My entire family was consumed by the shadows and that is when I decided to find out what was going on. It was strange, they seemed to be looking for something, but I do not know what.”

“I’m sorry. I had no idea.” Rachel said sadly.

“That’s alright, you are here now and all will be right again. Come on, we have work to do.”

Over the next few days the girls trained hard. The pretend battles between them became more intense and many times the trainers, mostly Sindaros, had battle wounds. They trained from dawn until dusk for five days straight. They only stopped for water and little food. By the sixth day the girls were exhausted and were allowed to rest. That gave the trainers time to talk.

“They are ready. They can begin their mission tomorrow.” Sindaros said.

“But where are they to go? We don’t even know where this evil is coming from.” Althoron cut in.

“They should know. All we had to do was train them and we did that. They can take over from there.”

“I disagree with you, Sindaros. They do not know the land like we do. Maybe we should go with them.” Aragorn said.

“That would be the best thing to do. But again, where are we going?” Legolas asked.

“We will just have to put our faith in them. I know they will not lead us astray.” Aragorn said confidently.

“You will not be going anywhere without me!” Gimli said. He had been watching the whole process and said he would defend the dwarves against any doom. Even if it meant his.

“Then it is settled. We leave tomorrow and all of us will help the girls defeat this knew evil, whatever it may be.” Then it was so. They were all going to help save Middle Earth.

While they rested, another strange dream came to the girls. They saw a large tower and an older man sitting at a throne of some sort. He had an orb in front of him and he looked like a fortune teller as he looked into the orb. He was muttering in some strange tongue but the girls could make out some of it.

“Find the palantiri, bring them back to Isengard.” And then an answer came.

“Yes, Lord Alcrog, Lord of all Evil and Middle-earth!”

The girls jumped when they heard this. They now knew what they had to do.


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