A New Kind of Evil 3 – Acceptance

by Sep 12, 2002Stories

There was a silence among the girls. They weren’t sure what to make of Elrond’s words. The council stared at them, not sure if they were listening or believing what Elrond and Galadriel said. Suddenly Julia spoke.

“Whoa, rewind and freeze! Are you trying to tell me that the fate of your world rests in our hands?” she asked frantically.

“You did not know that before?” Elrond asked simply.

“No! And what makes you think we can do this? We are not warriors, we aren’t even from here!”

“Julia is right we can’t do this. Are you people insane or something?” Rachel shouted. Rachel and Julia were making a scene and really couldn’t understand what just happened. Lizzie on the other hand, well,

“This is awesome! Let’s go save Middle-eth!” she cheered and that made the council look curiously at her.

“Yeah, Lizzie has the right idea. Let’s kick this evil’s butt!” Lori cheered along with Lizzie.

Julia glared at Lizzie and Lori. She wasn’t happy with any of this. She couldn’t understand why they were chosen for this and why all these people at the council looked at her like she was the answer to their prayers. Suddenly she felt so angry with everyone that she wanted to run from these strange people. She felt hatred spread over her. She hated everyone at the council even though she didn’t know them. She hated her grandmother because the only reason she took them in was because of this destiny. Then she began to hate destiny because that is what took away her parents and made her a savoir of an imaginary land. She couldn’t hold it in anymore.

“I never asked for this! Why did you bring me here? I don’t know you, I don’t even like you and you’re expecting me to save you precious land? Why should I?”

An older man dressed in gray looked over at her. His eyes were kind but the look on his face was far from that. He seemed angry but then it faded into despair. “You should because you are the only ones who can. If you do not help us, no one will. No one else asked for this, but sometimes you just have to accept some what is given to you.”

“And how would you know? You don’t seem that you’ve been given something you don’t want.”

“Nothing was ever pushed upon me but I was on a quest that no one else wanted. Are you aware of the Quest of the Ring? That horrible quest ten years ago?”

Julia stared at the old man. She knew now who he was. “I’m sorry, Gandalf. I had no idea.”

“Can we please get on with the matter at hand?” Elrond asked rudely.

“What do you mean? You want a decision right now?” Rachel asked.

“Yes, because if you choose to accept this then we must train you. Immediately.”

“We’ll do it!” Lori and Lizzie said together.

“I guess so,” Rachel said reluctantly.

“Fine,” Julia said quietly.

When they accepted the council cheered. Everyone look so happy that they had a chance to be saved. The girls looked at the council in surprise. They have never been cheered like this before. It made Julia feel confident about her mission to come.

The next day the girls were woken up early and gathered in a courtyard. They looked tired as they yawned and stretched. Soon Elrond and another man joined them.

“Good morning,” Elrond greeted. His arms were full of something but they couldn’t tell what because it was covered with clothes. He laid them down in front of them and uncovered the bundle. The girls saw four weapons in front of them. There was a spear, sword, daggers and a bow. “Pick one,” Elrond said.

Without really thinking the girls took up a weapon and held it like they have done it for years. Rachel had the spear, Lori had the daggers, Lizzie had the bow and Julia chose the sword.

“Now that we have that our of the way, let the training begin. This is Aragorn and he will be showing you how to use your weapons properly.” Elrond then left leaving them to get to work.


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