A New Kind of Evil 2 – the discovery

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The voice was still calling them and as if they had no control over themselves, they followed it. Not knowing where this strange voice would take them, they just followed until they were standing on the balcony rail. Suddenly the voice told them to jump.

“Are you guys hearing the same thing?” Julia asked.

“If it’s a weird voice saying `jump’ then yes I am.” Lori replied.

“What should we do? I can almost feel myself jumping.” Rachel said.

“Do nothing. Just go with it.” Lizzie answered. She reached over and grabbed Julia’s hand. Then she leapt off the balcony taking Julia with her. As a last resort, Julia grabbed the others so she wasn’t the only one tumbling to the ground. Just when they thought they were going to hit the ground a brilliant white light surrounded them. A landing came but it was gentle. They stood up and looked at each other. Did that really happen? No one was really sure. They looked around and saw the same place that was in their dream.

“Where are we? How did we get here?” Rachel asked to no one in particular.

“Who cares, it’s beautiful here.” Lizzie said.

Wherever they were, it was beautiful. There were rivers and waterfalls and everything had an amazing serenity to it. They looked around the small grove in which they were in and just stood in silence. Lori finally broke the silence.

“I wonder who’s voice that was. How do you think they got us to jump?”

“It was I who called you.” A voice said from behind the trees.

“Who’s there?” Rachel cried out. A woman came out from behind the trees. She had long golden hair and wore a white dress. Her gaze was so piercing that the girls had to fight the urge to look away.

“I am Lady Galadriel. I’ve been waiting for you.” Lizzie’s jaw dropped at this. She was the only one who figured it out.

“Are we in Middle Earth? More specifically, in Lothlorien?” she asked quickly.

“Yes, Elizabeth, you are in Middle Earth but not Lothlorien. You are in Rivendell.”

“Then what are you doing here? And how do you know my name?”

“I know everything about you, all of you. The reason I am in Rivendell is call you here. Follow me and everything will be revealed to you.” The girls just followed, not sure what to make of all this. Galadriel led them straight to the House of Elrond. They found him sitting at a desk with books and writings surrounding him. “I have brought the warriors to you.” She told him. He looked up Galadriel and the four girls behind her.

“Where are they? I see nothing but young mortal girls behind you.”

“These are the warriors that we have been seeking.”

“How can that be?” Elrond said more to himself than anyone.

“Excuse me but if you don’t want us then why did you drag us here?” Lori asked rudely. Elrond glared at her. He could not believe a mortal girl just showed him disrespect.

“Do you know why you were called?” he asked them. The girls shook their heads. Elrond now looked at them with surprise. “Arwen!” After his shout an elf maiden hurried in the room. “Gather the emergency council and hurry!” Arwen ran out of the room. Elrond turned back to the girls. “Follow me. We must discuss the reason we called you.” The girls obeyed once again and were led to a circle and were told to sit.

“I’m getting a little tired of being led around and no one giving me a straight answer!” Lori whispered angrily in Julia’s ear. Julia agreed. What was with these people? And why was this Elrond angry with them? Just then more people were coming to the council. Well, people wouldn’t be the appropriate term. There were elves, dwarves and rough looking men. The girls weren’t really sure what to make of them. Elrond then began to speak.

“As you know an unknown evil has been attacking our lands. This evil is like a shadow; it passes over a land, destroys it and then disappears again. Our attempts at defeating this evil has failed and many lands are now in ruin. I call you today because the answer to the threat has come to Rivendell.”

“Do you mean the warriors have arrived?” an elf with golden hair asked.

“Yes, Legolas but they are not what we expected. They sit before you.” Elrond pointed to the girls. All hope disappeared from Legolas’s face.

“Will someone tell me what’s going on!” Julia shouted. All eyes were now on Julia. They looked at her with confusion and curiosity.

“I will answer you, Julia.” Galadriel said. “Years ago, before the War of the Ring began, I saw a powerful evil taking our land. I read the prophecy that speaks of the saviors of Middle Earth so I knew I had to contact you somehow and bring you here. I sent a messenger to you home to give you the Amulets of Passage and the Rings of the Elements. The messenger had instructions to give them to you when she felt that the evil had begun to attack. That is why you are here.”

“Ok, back up. Are you saying that our grandmother was the messenger and these aren’t just trinkets she gave us last night?” Julia said in confusion.

“The `trinkets’ that you speak of give you the power to pass between your world and ours and the rings give you the power to conjure the elements that you will need on this quest.”

“I still don’t understand. What does this evil shadow thing have to do with us?” Rachel asked shyly.

Elrond answered this. “The prophecy that Lady Galadriel spoke of describes four warriors that will save Middle Earth. They are the only ones who can. The prophecy is speaking of you.”


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