A New Generation of…Troublemakers?:Part 1 – 20 years after Ariwen’s Visit to the Shire

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Early in the morning, just as Samwise Gamgee was about to sit down in his favorite chair by the fire side, there was a loud, sharp knock at the door. Wearily, he got up to answer it. To his surprise and later amusement, he found himself staring out at a pair of long legs. It was one of the Big Folk.

“I am a messenger from the Princess Ariwen”, the man said as soon as Sam opened the door.”Is your daughter Elanor about? For it is to her I have my errand.”

“Of course not!”, answered Sam,”She moved out nigh ten years ago. She now lives in the house of
Fastred of Greenholm…a thirty minute ride from here. Just go out the gates of Hobbiton and turn to your left. After about two miles on your right you will see a large green bush. That is the gate to Greenholm. The guards can direct you to the house of Fastred. But before you go, won’t you come in and have a cup of tea or maybe something a bit stronger?”

“No thank you, Master Gamgee. For it is to Greenholm that I now have my errand.”

“Very well. Fare you well!”

With that the messenger left and Sam settled down in his chair with a knowing smile on his face.


Just as Sam had said, about two miles out of the gates of Hobbiton on the left turn the messenger saw a large green bush to his right. The guards let him him merrily and he was glad, for in darker days folk of his kind were treated with suspicion. He also got directions to the house of Fastred.

As soon as the messenger knocked on the door, it was opened immediately by Elanor.

“I am come from the Princess Ariwen”, he stated for the second time that day,”I have a message for Elanor Gamgee. Is she in your house at this hour?”

“I am Elanor”, answered Elanor.

“The princess wishes that you and all your new kindred visit her in Gondor. For she sorely misses you and would like to meet the new additions to you family.”

“I gladly accept. We will be ready to depart tomorrow morning. In the meantime, won’t you stay the night? Of course it will be a bit cramped, but i’m sure you will find our guestroom satisfactory.”

“Certainly, Milady”

With that both of them entered the house and Elanor announced the news. She also made the children go to bed early, for the next day would be a long one.

As she and Fastred were going to bed, Fastred asked,”So who are we visiting again?”

“I’ve told you a million times”, answered Elanor,”the Royal family of Gondor”, she said with a wicked smile on her face.


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