A New Fellowship The Two Towers Chapter 4

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When Mara fiished her story they had walked out of the cover of Fangorn and back into the openness of the field.

“I am sorry I snapped at you Mara. I just dislike the Assassins for they killed my younger sister and….” Legolas starts but Mara cuts him off by placing her finger to his lips.

“Apology accepted. Just kiss me already,” she ordered leaning in close to him.

“Stop it already!” Aragorn shouted pulling Legolas off his sister. ” We still have to get to Edoras.”

“Dang your brother is bossy!” Legolas whispered to Mara as he helps her onto the horse.

“Tell me about it!” Mara says loud enough for Aragorn to hear. “Aragorn is the bossiest person who has EVER LIVED!!!!!”

“I can hear you,” Aragorn states annoyed.

“That’s the whole piont!” Mara says matter-of-factly shoving him a little.

“You are going to get it now!” Aragorn threatens.

“First you gotta catch me!” Mara calls as Legolas urges the horse into a run.

After 10 minutes of goofing around Mara & Aragon get serious agian and stop fooling around.

* enter Arangorn’s mind*

‘ Aragorn why were they kissing?’

‘Well, Gandalf, they are together now’

‘Did you incerage that?’

‘No. I tried to stop it’

*exit aragorn’s mind*

As he rides closer to Legolas & Mara Gandalf hears them talking.

“Legolas?” Mara asks laying her head on his back.

“Yes love?”

“Okay first, you sound like Aragorn talking to Arwen, second what are we gonna do?”

“What do you mean?” Legolas asks confused.

“About us. We can’t get married.”

“Well I c…” Legolas starts but gets cut off.

“There is Edoras,” Gandalf says.


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