A New Fellowship The Two Towers Chapter 3

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Aragorn, after finding Merry and Pippin’s belts screams and looks at the ground.

“Nay Mara. They are still alive. They are in Fangorn,” Aragorn says looking at the forest.

Inside Fangorn Legolas calls; “The white wizard approaches!”

“Do not let him speak, for he will put a spell on us,” Mara orders.

Suddenly Mara and Aragorn draw their swords, Gimli raises his axe, and Legolas fits an arrow to his bow.

“There is no need for weapons.”

“Show yourself!” Aragorn orders. “It connot be.”

“Gandalf? I…is it really you?” Mara asks as she runs over and hugs the old wizard.

“Yes child it is,” he answers hugging her back and accidentaly touching her right shoulder. “What is wrong?” Gandalf asks hearing her pained intake of breath.

“Nothing…Nothing, everything is perfectly fine.”

“Turn around Mara,” Gandalf orders.

When she does he reveals her right shoulder showing a claw shaped mark.

“You are an asassin!!” Legolas says angerily. “I cannot believe I loved you!!!”

“Legolas, please listen I can explain,” Mara begs, tears welling up in her eyes and threatening to spill over.

“Fine, explain.”

“Well I joined the asassions when Aragorn would not let me become a Ranger. That was after our mother died and I knew I had to learn how to protect myself and they were the only ones who would teach me…”


‘Please teach me I need to learn how to fight! I know I am no elf but PLEASE’

‘I will but first you must answer a question. Okay?’

‘Of course, anything.’

‘Why are you not a Ranger?’

‘My brother will not let me join. He says it is to dangerous for me.’

‘You’re brother?’

‘He is the Captain of the Rangers.’


“They do not let women join,” Legolas interupts. “So how did you get in?”

“I was getting to that part,” Mara answers. “I lied about who I was, I said I was Aragorn. They believed me. Then, as customary, three weeks after I joined I got the marks, it still hurt sometimes when someone touches it. But then there was a huge battle. I got injured and the truth was revealed. I got kicked out. And right beforre they tried to take the mark off, and at the same time kill me, I was saved by Elladan and Elrohir.”


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