A New Fellowship The Two Towers Chapter 2

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For this part I am going to back track to the beginning part of the paragraph I left off with last time!!!

Just so that you know Mara and Eomer used to like eachother but, after they stopped likeing eachother, they both agreed to pretend they do not know each if they ever cossed paths again and there were other people there.


“I am sorry m’la… I mean Mara. I am Eomer son of Eomund. I ask again; what is your business?”

“We track a band of Uruk-hai across the plains. Thay have taken two of our friends captive,” Mara answers him.

“We slaughtered the Uruks last night. Take these horses, their names are Hasufel and Arod. May they bare you better fortune than their previous masters,” Eomer says as he rides off with the rest of the riders.

“Aragorn, Gimli you two ride together on Hasufel and Legolas and I will ride on Arod,” Mara says.

“Yeah so you can kiss him,” Aragorn whispers to Mara.” But whatever you say…M’lady.”

“You should know better than to call me that!” Mara shouts hitting him on the back of the head.

“As I said in Moria; HOW CAN YOU HIT SO HARD!?” Aragorn asks rubbing the back of his head…again.

After everyone stops laughing and are on the horses they all ride towards Fangorn.



‘What Aragorn?’

‘Have you told Mara you are not allowed to marry her?’ Aragorn asks.

‘No,’ Legolas answers simply.

‘Do you plan to tell her?’ Aragorn asks starting to get frusterated.

‘No,’ Legolas answers.

Aragorn sighs tired of the one sillyble answers and prompts him by asking:’Why not?’

‘I am going to give up my immortality.’


‘Aragorn, you sound surprised…and loud.’

‘Surely you are jesting Legolas! You know you cannot do that!’

‘I am not jesting, and I am dead serious. I would do anything for her and you know that!!’

‘Even if that means someday dieing?’

‘Yes,’ Legolas answers returning to one sillyble answers.


Aragorn looks over to at Legolas and sees him holding Mara’s hand while, somehow, still stearing the horse and shakes his head.

When they arrive at Fangorn they see a pile of burning corpses.

“Oh no. They…they…they…they are dead,” Mara says trying as hard as she can to keep from crying.


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