A New Fellowship The Two Towers Chapter 1

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Two days after the Fellowship had brooken Aragorn awakens to see Legolas already awake and says;”Did you sleep at all or just stay awake all night?”

“I could not sleep. for I was keeping an eye on the Uruk-Hai. I thank you for your concern though,” Legolas says smiling.

“I understand. I, too, would have stayed up if I had your keen sight,” Aragorn says turning around.

As he does so he spots Mara sneaking up on Legolas and is about to tell him when Mara puts her finger to her lips signaling him to remain silent.

“BOO!” Mara screams when she reaches him scaring him. When he turns around Mara and Aragorn laugh at the look on his face. “GOTCHA!”

“Do not do that ever again! You nearly scared me to death!” Legolas exclaims wrapping his arms around her waist and pulling her as close to him as she would allow.

“What would you do if I never did that again?” Mara asks taking a single step forward and putting her arms around his neck.

“How about this?” Legolas asks giving her a long kiss.

“Well I geuss that will have to do,” Mara says inbetween kisses.

“Stop kissing and come on! And you tease me about Arwen and I,” Aragorn adds this last sentence under his breath. “Mara I will race you!” he adds as he runs past her and Legolas.

“CHEATER! You started before me!” Mara yells at him as she and Legolas quickly outrun him.

“Where are we?” Gimli asks Aragorn.

“We are in Rohan, home of the horse lords,” Aragonr answers as he stops running.

“What is that coming towards us?” Mara asks as she spots something running towards the four companions.

“I have nopt the notion. What I do is that whatever it is it is no more then three leagues away,” Legolas answers. “Against the rocks! QUICKLY!! They are gaining!” Legolas orders as he pushes Mara against the boulders.

After they pass Aragorn and Mara come out and say in unison;”Riders of Rohan! What news from the Mark?”

“What business does an elf, two men, and a dwarf have in the Riddermark?” the lead rider inquiers.

“An elf, a man, a dwarf and a WOMAN you mean. I am Mara daughter of Arathorn and this is my brother Aragorn. This is Legolas of the woodland realm, and Gimli son of Gloin,” Mara introduces gesturing to everyone as she said their names.

“I am extremely sorry m’lady. I hope that I did not offend you at all.”

“My name is Mara, NOT m’lady! And if you value your life at all you shall never call me that again!!!!” Mara threatened angrily.

“I am sorry m’la…. I mean Mara,” the rider quickly corrects himself as Mara gives him a death glare.


AUTHORS NOTE: I am sorry this chapter is so short. I am not feeling all that well.
The next chapter will be longer I PROMISE!!!


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