A New Fellowship Chapter 9

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“As soon as he and I finish this,” Boromir interrupts Aragorn drawing his sword.

“Boromir, I will not fight you.”

“Only because you know you will lose,” Boromir says. “Loser, as in you, has to stay away from Mara. If you refuse to fight you lose.”

“Fine I will fight,” Aragorn says also unsheathing his sword.

Within five minutes Borommir lay on the ground Aragorn’s sword at his throat.

“I win,” Aragorn simply states helping Boromir up. “Now stay away from my sister,” he growls menacingly.

“Fine you win. I will stay away,” Boromir says walking away.

“Aragorn, now please go tell Legolas!” Mara begs her older brother.

“Yes Mara. Anything for you.”


“Legolas!” Aragorn calls when he sees him. “I need to talk to you. NOW!”

“What about?”

“Isil. She is hypnotizing you. Sauron is her father. She does not love you!”

“Who told you this, Aragorn?” Legolas asks.

“Mara heard Isil say this and then told Arwen and I,” Aragorn answers.

“Mara is lying to you. Isil said she loves me, and I believe her!”

“Isil is the one that is lying! Mara has never lied nor will she ever!” Aragorn yells angrily.

Isil, hearing this, grabs her sword and runs to find Mara. She has one thing on her mind…….MURDER.


“MARA! I told you not to tell ANYONE!” Isil screams when she finds her.

“You said not to tell Legolas. I did not tell him. I told my brother,”Mara says confidently.

“It does not matter who you told. I must kill you anyway, because if you stay alive you will ruin all of my father and my plans.” Isil says walking over to her and raising her sword.

“You will not harm a single part of her,” a voice says from behind her.

“Legolas!” Isil gasps dropping her sword. Why are you no longer under my spell?”

“I came out of it when you said you were going to kill Mara. But it you who shall die,” Legolas says. “I am so sorry I ignored you Mara. Please forgive me? Though I do not deserve your forgiveness after breaking your heart.”

“You are forgiven,” Mara says taking his hand and leading out into the moonlight.

“Le banui,*” Legolas says moving a few stray strands of hair to behind her ear.

“Hannon le**,” Mara says moving closer to him so that her lips are a breath’s away from his.

Suddenly he leans down and kisses her lovingly on the lips. Then, just as suddenly breaks the kiss. For he is aware of the rest of the Fellowship watching them.

“Come. We should go and get some sleep. We are leaving early in the morning,” Aragorn says to the rest to draw attention away from Mara and Legolas.

Legolas then walks Mara to her room and kisses her goodnight before heading to his own.


*= Le banui. means You are beautiful.

**= Hannon le. means Thank you.


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