A New Fellowship Chapter 7

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Just as the arrow is about to hit Aragorn, Mara runs in front and takes the arrow in the back of her left shoulder.

Once the company gets outside Mara collapses from blood loss and the poison from the arrow.

“Aragorn! Mara has collapsed!” Legolas says running over to where Mara lays on the ground. “She has been poisoned by an ork arrow!”

“We need to get the arrow out before more poison can enter her system. Hold her head on your lap Legolas, I am going to take out the arrow,”Aragorn says as he pulls down the sleeve of her shirt, just enough to take out the arrow.

“What do those markings mean?” * Legolas asks curious.

“They show people she is a Ranger of the North and is NOT to be messed with,” Aragorn answers without thinking.

“But only men can be Rangers. Or so I thought,” Boromir states.

“You are right Son Of Gondor. Usually only men can be Rangers. She is an exception because she is a princess, one of Isildur’s heirs,” Aragorn answers picking her up. “Come on we must hurry and get to Lothlorien before nightfall.”

“If you had not stopped to help her we would not have to rush! You should have left her for the wolves!!” Isil yells at Aragorn.


“Mae govannen** Aragorn,” says a blond elf leaping down from a tree.

“Haldir, Mara is fatally ill. We need to see the healers. QUICKLY!”

“Come. Follow me,” Haldir says leading them farther into the forest of Lothlorien.

“Aragorn! What is wrong with Mara?” Arwen asks, who is there visiting her grandmother.

“She was shot by a poisoned orc arrow in Moria. She saved my life,” Aragorn answers gravely.

“Do not fear melleth nin***. She will be fine. Estelio nin****,” Arwen says looking him in the eyes.

“Im estelio le*****,” Aragorn answers giving her a kiss.


“Oh Uncle Haldir, what are you doing here?” Arwen asks REALLY embarrassed.

“I am here for Aragorn. For the Lady Galadriel wishes to speak with him,” Haldir answers. “Le melleth Aragorn?”

All Arwen did was glare at her uncle for an answer.

“Send Galadriel my apologies. For I will not leave my sisters side until she is well again,” Aragorn answers protectively.

“There is no need to send me your apologies. I understand that she is all the family you have left.”

“Nay she is not all. I have Lord Elrond and his sons. My adopted family.”

“That is right. I forgot about Lord Elrond and his kids,” Galadriel says.

“IT IS NICE TO KNOW YOU NEVER REMEMBER ME!!!!!!!!!!!!” Arwen shouts teasingly.

“You know what I meant I dear,” Galadriel says sternly. “Now Aragorn and Haldir please leave the room so Arwen can change Mara.”

“Yes m’lady,” they say turning and walking out.

When Galadriel opens the door to let them back in Boromir, Haldir, Orophin, and Rumi (Orophin and Rumil are Haldir’s brothers) all fall inside. Galadriel gives them all stern looks before she allows them to enter.


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