A New Fellowship Chapter 6

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Later that day, when Boromir is teaching Merry and Pippin to fight, Aragorn and Mara tell Pippin;” Move your feet!”

Then when Aragorn tries to stop a fight that insued after Boromir accidentally touches Merry with his sword, he gets flipped over onto his back. And Mara starts laughing hysterically, but stops suddenly when she hears Legolas yell;” Crebain from Dunland!”

“Hide!” Aragorn orders grabbing Mara and Frodo to hide with him.

When the spies are gone everyone comes out and Gandalf says;”We must take the Pass of Caradhras.”


Ont the Pass of Caradhras Mara has a hold of Frodo and is struggling to walk when there is a sudden avalanche.

When Mara pops up she calls;” Aragorn! Brother where are you?”

“I am right here sister. Do not worry!”he answers. “Where is Frodo?”

“Here I am!” Frodo calls popping out from the snow.

“This will be the death of the little ones!” Boromir shouts. “Mara let me help you,” Boromir says pulling her close.

“LET GO OF ME!” she orders angrily but he just pulls her closer.

(enter Aragorn’s mind)

‘Aragorn help me!’

‘What is wrong?’

‘Boromir will not let go of me!’

‘I am coming.’

(exits Aragorn’s mind)

“Boromir! Let go of my sister this instant!”Aragorn yells at him.

“No! Never shall I let go of her. She is mine!” Boromir yells back holding her tighter,

“I do not belong to anyone! Let alone a slimy worthless worm like you Boromir!” Mara yells at him making loosen up a tiny bit.

“Boromir! Let go!” Gandalf insists.

“Fine. I care not. This not over Aragorn. Believe me!” Boromir says letting go.


At the gate of Moria, Gandalf tries numerous spells but none work and the door remains closed.

Mara and Aragorn are talking to Sam saying;”The mines are no place for a pony. Even one so brave as Bill.”

“Bye-bye Bill,” Sam says sadly.

“Go on Bill. Go on,” Mara and Aragorn say.” Do not worry Sam he knows the way home.”

Mara sees Merry throwing pebbles into the water grabs his arm and says;”Do not disturb the water.”

“Gandalf must everything be done by women?!” Mara asks teasingly. “Just say MELLON.”

Then the doors opened. As Mara is heading inside Isil pushes her into the water. When she falls in the water the water watcher grabs her ankle and picks her up.

“Aragorn! HELP!”Mara screams.

Soon the watcher also picks up Frodo.

Then Aragorn and Boromir start to slah off its arms, and Legolas shoots arrows at it with deadly precision. As one of the arrows hits one of its eyes Mara and Frodo get thrown up into the air. Frodo is caught by Boromir and is quickly brought inside. While Mara is caught by Aragorn in perfect bride style.

“Run! Into the mines!”Gandalf comands. “Now we have but one choice. we must face the long dark of Moria,” he says as the doorway collapses.”


On the fourth day of the journey inside Moria Gimli sees a cavern and runs inside rying; No. Noooooo!”

Mara runs after him and puts her hand on his shoulder and says;”I know how it feels to lose someone you love. Me and Aragorn felt this way when our mother died. Except my pain was worse because I saw her die, and I could have prevented it.”

“It is nice to know some people understand,” Gimli says sadly.

“You are so sweet!” Isil says about something Legolas had said to her.

Mara turns around at a noise and sees Pippin knock down a skeleton.

“Fool of a Took! Next time throw yourself in and rid us of your stupidity!” Gandalf shouts.


“Orcs are coming!”Mara and Aragorn say at the same time.”Frodo, Sam, Merry, Pippin stay next to Gandalf!”

Mara, Aragorn, Legolas, and Boromir all start barring the door, while Isil does nothing. Everyone is doing good at keeping the Orcs and Goblins away until a cave troll comes in.

Mara runs to go help Frodo who is being followed by the troll. She throws the nearest sword at it but the troll throws it back at her and hits her in the leg. Then the troll throws it at Frodo and hits him in the stomach.

Then Legolas shoots the troll in the throat and kills it.

“Mara! Mara! Oh please be alive!” Aragorn says. “Frodo are you all right?”

“Yes I am fine. Luckily I was wearing Mithril.”

“Too bad Mara was not wearing any,” Aragorn says sadly.

Just then Mara’s eyes open and she gasps for breath.

“Mara! Thank Elbereth! You are alive,” Aragorn says offering her a hand up.

“Hannon le.”

“You are welcome little sister,” Aragorn says teasingly.

“I told you never to call me that!” Mara exclaims hitting him on the head.

“Sorry! I forgot! How can you hit so hard?” Aragorn asks rubbing his head.

“Run! A Balrog!” Gandalf shouts putting a stop on all the laughter.


When they reach the bridge orcs are shooting poisoned arrows at them. One of them heads towards Aragorn.


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