A new Fellowship Chapter 4

by Jan 4, 2009Stories

When I left off the Fellowship had just been formed.


That night when Mara was heading towards her room she heard Isil laugh menacingly and say:”I will get that ring back for father and become queen of the Mirkwood elves! Legolas,oh stupid Legolas. It barely took anything to get you to love me.”

After she heard that, Mara went inside and said:”I do not believe you! You are Sauron’s daughter! You are going to use Legolas to become queen! You do not love him at all.”

“You will not repeat what you just heard to Legolas or you will find yourself dead! You hear me? DEAD!” Isil threatened.

“Alright I will not repeat a single word to him,”Mara replied weakly running to find her brother.

“What is wrong milady?” Pippin asked as she ran by.

“Nothing. Nothing is wrong,” Mara answered nervously.

“Looks like something is wrong,” Frodo stated suspiciously.

“No nothing is wrong, really everything is just fine. Have you seen my brother?” Mara asked the Hobbits.

“Yes he is in the garden,” Sam answered.

“Yeah kissing Arwen!!” Pippin whispered to Merry and they both snickered.

“Probably! Well thanks. Bye!” Mara called as she ran to the garden.

“Aragorn! Arwen!” Mara called as she got there. “Isil is evil! She is Sauron’s daughter. She is going to take the ring from Frodo. She is using Legolas!”

“How do you know this?” Aragorn asked pulling her down into his lap.

“I was heading to my room and I heard her,”Mara said crying into his chest, again.

“Shhhh. Be quiet child, be quiet,” Lord Elrond said walking up.”What is wrong child?” he asked taking her in his arms.

“”Lord Elrond, Isil is evil. She is Sauron’s daughter. She is using Legolas. She does not love him as I do,” Mara answered as she finally stopped crying.

“You love Legolas? Mara you can not love him,” Lord Elrond said.

“Why not? Why can I not love him?”Mara questioned him.

“You will get your heart broken. For you can not marry him.”


“He is of elf kind you are not,”Elrond answered smoothing her hair.

“But you will let Arwen marry Aragorn when he becomes king. Why can I not love Legolas?” Mara argues.

“It is different Mara.”

“How? How father is it different?” Arwen asked.”It is no different and you know it!”

“I will see you in the morning,” Elrond said to change the subject.




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