A New Fellowship Chapter 3

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When I left off Mara was shot with an orc arrow and was taken to the sick house.


“Mara, Mara,”Aragorn called his sister’s name to see if there was any response.
“She is not responding. She is growing weaker every second. It will take a miracle from Eru to save her now,”Elrond said rubbbing his eyes, for he knew she would play an important part in the war of the ring.
Just then Boromir came in and tried to get to Mara, but Aragorn blocked his way.
“Let me by right now,”Boromir ordered.
“I will not let you pass. Nor will I ever let you near my sister ever again,”Aragorn said protectively.
“I do not care just let me pass!”Boromir shouted angrily.
“No! I am Mara’s guardian and you will leave this instant Boromir or else,”Lord Elrond said.
“Fine I will leave,but this is not over Aragorn. Believe me it is not!” Boromir threatened walking away.
“Aragorn, my brother where are you?”Mara asked waking up.
“I am here,”Aragorn reassured her walking over to her.”I am here.”


Near the end of the council Frodo said:”I will take the ring to Mordor, though I do not know the way.”
“I will help you bear this burden as long as it is yours to bear,”Gandalf said.
“Whether by my life or death if I can protect you I will,”Aragorn said.”You have my sword.”
“Aye mine too,”Mara said walking over and standing next to Aragorn.
“You have my bow,”Legolas and Isil said together.
“And my axe,” Gimli said.
“Aye you are not going anywhere without me,”Sam said.
“You carry the fate of us all little one. As long as this is the will of the council Gondor will see it done,”Boromir said trying to stand next to Mara but Aragorn switches places with her.
“We are coming too!”Merry and Pippin chorus.
“Eleven companions. So be it you shall be the Fellowship Of The Ring.”


Authors note:
Sorry about the short chapter I thought this was a good place to stop the chapter at.


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