A New Fellowship Chapter 2

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When I left off everyone just found out the wounded she-elf has awoken.


Mara and Legolas were the first ones there and see her.
“Hello I am Mara daughter of Arathorn and this is Legolas son of Thranduil. What is your name?”Mara asked her.
“My name is Isil,” she answered moving her long black hair behind her ear hypnotizing Legolas in the process.
‘She is gorgeous,’Mara thought touching her short brown hair.’I wish I was that beautiful.’
As Mara looked at Legolas she saw love in his eyes for the mysterious maiden. That devastated Mara for she herself was in love with Legolas. Eyes full of devastated tears, she took off running as fast as she could muster to her room.
Aragorn saw this and took off running after his sister. “What is wrong Mara? Why do you have that look on your face?” he inquired as he entered her room.
“Oh Aragorn, brother, he loves her!” Mara answered as he sat down next to her.
“Who loves whom?” Aragorn asked not knowing what she is talking about.
Legolas loves Isil!”
“And what is so wrong about this?” he asked holding her close to him.
“I love Legolas Aragorn, but he loves Isil!” Mara answered crying into his chest.
“Why do you say that?”
“I could sees it in his eyes when he looked at her.”
Arwen came in then and,seeing Mara cying, rushed over and asked “What ever is the matter Mara?”
“She is in love with Legolas,” Aragorn answered for Mara is crying too hard to speak.
“What is wrong with that?”
“Legolas is in love with Isil not Mara.”
“Now I understand why she cries. For to be in love with someone who does not love you back is tragic thing,” Arwen said knowing how that feels.
“And how would you know? You have ever only loved Aragorn,” Mara says able to talk again.
“Before I met him I was in love with another young man…well elf,” Arwen answered.
“Who was it?” Aragorn asked curious to know who his love had been in love with before him.
“Legolas. About five hundred years ago. But alas! He did not love me back for my grandmother,Galadriel, told him he would marry someone else.”
“I geuss that someone was Isil,” Mara stated glumly.


The next morning Mara awakened early and hurriedly dressed. Then she raced to the council area. She, of course, arrived early so she decided to walk around.
Ten minutes after Mara arrives Boromir gets there.
“Hello Mara. How are you today?” Boromir asks seeing her.
“I am great. And how are you?”
“Alas! I am not doing so well. I am in love with someone who does not love me back.”
“I know how you feel,” Mara replied remembering how horrible she felt the night before.”Who is that you love?”
“You Mara. I am in love with you,” Boromir answered putting his arms around her waist and pulling her close.
“Boromir let go. Let Go of me!!!” Mara screamed trying to get someone’s attention.
It worked for Aragorn heard her and ran to help his sister. When he got there Aragorn sees Boromir holding Mara close. And when he starts kissing her, Aragorn goes up, pulls Boromir off his sister and punched him. Sending him wheeling backwards.
Lord Elrond,hearing the commotion, is soon there and sees Boromir punch Aragorn and start kissing Mara again.
“Enough!!!” Lord Elrond yells as he pulls Boromir off Mara and pushes her behind to protect her.
Hearing Elrond yell soon brings everyone else there.
Suddenly Legolas catches Mara as she passes out. He notices an arrow in her back and took her to the sick house.
A little bit later Elrond and Arwen arrive and sent all the guys out of the room so Arwen could change Mara.
Then when Arwen opens the door to let her father back in all the guys who had been sent out suddenly fall into the room.
“You should all be ashamed of yourselves! Spying on a woman!” Elrond said coming back from welcoming the dwarves to Imladris.”I will talk to you two after the council!”he said gesturing to Elladan and Elrohir.
“Yes mylord,” they say.

Authors note: I am going to keep track of how many times Mara gets hurt in The Fellowship part of my fnfiction. At the end the person who comments with the right number(or the closest) first will get to be in my continuation of A New Fellowship which takes place a year after the end of the War For The Ring!!!
GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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