A Mortal Life – Chapter 2

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Legolas leaned down and awkwardly picked up the baby with his one good hand. The baby was a girl, with wide blue eyes. She trembled as he held her. She must think that I am an Orc, Legolas thought angrily. There were cuts and bruises all over her body. Legolas was filled with hatred for the Orcs, who could torture a small baby. He turned around awkwardly, holding the baby against his chest.

“Haldir! Come here! I’ve found something!” he yelled. Haldir straightened up and glanced over at him. His eyes widened as he saw the baby in Legolas’s arms. He ran over and took the baby from Legolas.

“Thanks,” Legolas said in relief,” I don’t know how much longer I could have held her, with my arm.” Haldir examined her, taking in her horrible cuts and bruises.

“She must have been a prisoner of the Orcs,” he said angrily. Legolas nodded. “I will take her to Lady Galadriel.” Haldir said.

Haldir and Legolas walked into the chamber and bowed to the Lord and Lady.

“Legolas found this baby girl, by the scene of the battle. She must have been a prisoner of the Orcs. They tortured her. What should we do with her?” Haldir asked Galadriel and Celeborn. Celeborn reached out and Haldir handed the baby to him. His eyes ran over her small body. From the tightness of his face, Legolas knew that Celeborn was angry with the Orcs that could do this to a small child, as Legolas and Haldir were. Galadriel reached over and stroked the baby’s face.

“She will stay here,” She said. Legolas, Haldir, and Celeborn all looked at her in surprise.

” A Man, here with all the Elves, in Lothlorien?” Haldir stuttered. Galadriel nodded slowly.

“It was meant to be.” She said softly. Haldir bowed.

” As you wish, My Lady.” He said.

(A few years later)

Legolas sat on his horse and looked around. It was good to be back in Lothlorien. Of course he would always like Mirkwood better, be Lothlorien had a free, peaceful feeling around it. He got off his horse. He heard soft laughter. He followed the sound. He found Galadriel and the human girl, Mareth, as she was now called, sitting by a pool. Mareth was playing in the water, and Galadriel was watching, with a fond smile on her face. Legolas stepped out of the shadow and bowed. Galadriel turned.

“Greetings, Legolas, Prince of Mirkwood “she said. Mareth stopped playing and studied him gravely. She was about five years old now. She had soft golden curls that hung around her face. Then she smiled and the smile lit up her whole face and she flung herself at Legolas. Laughing, Legolas pried her off him and swung her around in circles. She laughed delightedly. He played with her until it was time for dinner. She had him laughing the whole time.

After dinner he strolled around Galadriel’s garden. He heard shouts and the sound of sobbing. Legolas ran toward the sound. Some Elf boys were beating up Mareth.

“Stupid human!” one Elf yelled and pushed Mareth against a tree. All the others laughed.

” You do not deserve to live here, you dumb human,” another one yelled. Legolas strode into the clearing, his face taut with fury. They took one look at his face and the all fled. He walked over and picked Mareth up. She flinched from his touch.

” Its just me” he said softly. She looked up and when she saw it was just Legolas, she buried her face in his chest and sobbed. As he walked back to her room he comforted her.

” It will be all right. It will be all right.” He said to her softly as he laid her on her bed. He doubted it, though. They would continue to beat her up and despise her. Well, Galadriel knows what she is doing, he thought. He hoped Mareth would be alright.

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