A Mortal Life – Chapter 1

by Jun 2, 2004Stories

This happens about 15 years before The Fellowship of the Ring. Hope you like it!!

“Orc attack! Orc attack! A huge band of Orcs!!!” The messenger yelled, running into the room. Instantly Lord Celeborn, Lady Galadriel, and their guest, Prince Legolas of Mirkwood, were on their feet.

“Where?” Celeborn asked the messenger urgently.

“Southern…Border” the messenger gasped out.

“Haldir! Arm our soldiers and go to the southern border.” He yelled. Haldir nodded and ran out with Legolas behind him.

“Legolas, no!” He yelled but Legolas ignored him.

“Calm yourself, my husband, he shall not be killed.” Galadriel said softly. Celeborn sat down, reassured by her words.

“If any thing happens… his father will…” he murmured.

” Hush” she said softly to him, placing a finger on his lips, ” Nothing will happen to him.”


Legolas ran with the rest of the Elves toward the battle. They could hear the Orcs. Legolas listened, muscles taut, as he put an arrow in his bow. The Orcs burst in and the battle began. Legolas pulled back his bow and shot an Orc coming at him from his left. Then he whirled around and shot again. He was tired and bloody when he shot off his last arrow. He was about to pull out his sword when something grabbed him. The face of a leering Orc was shoved into his own.

” Hello little Elf.” He hissed to Legolas. The Orc’s whole body jerked as someone shot an arrow into his back, and Legolas was thrown back. He felt himself hit a tree, and something in his arm snapped, and he knew no more.


” Awake, Legolas” he heard someone whisper. He slowly opened his eyes to the sight of a healer bending over him. As he started to say something she said, ” Hush, your arm is set. You are not badly hurt, you just broke your arm.”

Once she had left, he slowly got up and walked toward the battle sight. He was greeted with a horrible sight. Dead Orcs and Elves were littered all over. Grim faced Elves went around picking up the bodies. He bowed his head in honor of the many Elves that had died that day.

He heard a soft crying sound coming from the bushes nearby. Curious, he walked over to where the sound was coming from. Pushing the bushes away his eyes opened, amazed. There lay a small human child only a few months old.


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