A Maiden of Faith – Chapter 8

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Katrina laughed as Elenloth blushed when a little boy gave her a bouquet of flowers. He was many years younger than her, perhaps ten? His blonde hair whisped around his face in the common style of long tresses that reached to the shoulders. An older brother of his was smiling at the princess, showing that the flowers had been from him through his younger brother.

The party was wonderful, good company, fine food, and a swell time! It was being held in the gardens behind the king’s house. Bright streamers were hung from tree branches, and lamps were lit by flame to keep the garden full of light.

When Eldarion had failed to get her and another young man had retrieved her, she had been a little confused. Normally the prince never broke his word, unless something pressing had come up. Nothing had proven wrong with the family, but he still had not arrived.

The man that had escorted her had not spoken his name and she had not recognized him. His garb had been that of Rohan style, well, from what she remembered from the movies. Smiling, she hoped she would meet Eomer and his family. It would be wonderful. Then the thought came to her, she would never meet Galadriel, or Frodo, or probably any of the Hobbits….

Eldarion suddenly came into the clearing, coming by shadow. Katrina stood when she saw him and went to him. His mouth was wide with a grin as he led the horse towards his sister. Katrina slipped her arm into the crook of his. Together, they brought the mare to the laughing princess.

Elenloth’s face lit up, like the lamps, when she saw her brother. Rising from her seat, her white gown pressed against her slim body as she ran to him. Tears were streaming down her face and she swung herself into his hug. Then she turned to Katrina and embraced her. The tears came from laughing to hard, and they stopped when she grew silent. Her hand reached out and pet the mare’s neck. “What’s her name?”

“Dînroch. Silent horse.” As he said the name the horse let out a loud whiny.

Mae govannen, Dînroch. Mae govannen…” She whispered into her mare’s ear. Her face was pressed to the side of its head, her hand stroking its neck.

Katrina smiled and left the girl to her horse, returning to her seat beside Arwen. Eldarion had followed her, he would let his sister decide what to do with the gift while she received more presents.

After the young princess gave her mare to the stable hands, she took her position at the center of the table, between her mother and father.

Aragorn pulled out a small box, which he had concealed in his cloak. Handing it to his daughter, he smiled across at his wife, who was smiling also. “For being our daughter,” they said together.

Elenloth looked between her parents, who both were beaming at her. Her fingers deftly opened the package. She gasped as she pulled out a pendant.

A sapphire, a ruby, and a diamond were set in fluted silver.

“A sapphire for Rivendell, and the Elves’ love for water there.” Arwen spoke loudly, so all could hear.

“A ruby for Gondor, and the blood spilled here,” Aragorn said, a note of sorrow in his voice with the last bit.

“And a diamond for Lothlorien, and the Evenstar and Morningstar, who are your mothers.” Both her parents said in unison. “These you are, each and every one.”

“Thank you…” She whispered as she clasped it about her neck. Her blue eyes looked across the table at her brother. Around his neck hung the Evenstar, which he had had since a little child. Her eyes settled on the gleaming silver and glinting clear gem. Now she had something equally as beautiful. Only, this was made for her. She decided, when she was married and had children, she would give the pendant to her daughter, an heirloom of her line…

The feast continued with much music and dancing. Couples spun their partners in time to the music, their laughter flowing over like fountains. Katrina watched with laughing eyes and a smile spread across her face. This was much more fun than any of her own birthday parties had been.

She looked up as the tall, blonde, Elf approached her. He smiled, not like she had imagined in the teenage world of fantasy. She had long grown out of that, but still, the memories of those thoughts of meeting the actor was still held close in her mind. This smile was fatherly, loving tenderness held there.

“Might I dance with you, Ëarelen?” Legolas held out his hand to Katrina, who took it gratefully.

“Sure, Legolas.” She followed him out to the middle of the dance floor. “I should warn you, I don’t really dance.”

“I find that hard to believe,” he laughed as he spun her about.

“Believe me, I’m not very good…. At all!” She had stepped on his foot, but he only smiled at her.

“Have no fear, for you cannot hurt me this way. But the cutting edge of your words could. Do not downtrodden yourself, that pains me…” His smile vanished as she looked down. “I would not have the Sea star so sad. Please, you are a fine dancer. Look up at me, it will make it easier for you.”

She did as told, and sure enough, it was easier for her to read in his eyes what his next move was. Together, the danced around the garden. They laughed as a little girl stood and wished Elenloth a happy birthday.

When the song ended Legolas returned her to her seat. He laughed as Aragorn swept Elenloth up into his arms and began to lead her about the floor. Arwen handed her little girl to Katrina as Eldarion pulled his mother out onto the dance floor.

“Are you enjoying yourself, dear daughter?” Aragorn asked his child. She was laughing and spinning around him, her hands in his.

“Of course! Thank you so much, for the pendant and this lovely dance!” She giggled as he spun her towards himself and held her close.

“No, thank you, for being the lovely daughter you are!” He twirled her away from himself and laughed harder when her eyes glimmered.

“Father, you are far too kind!” Elenloth slipped under her father’s arm.


“Mother! Does father know you can dance like this?” Eldarion twirled her away from himself and then spun her under his arm.

“Yes, he does…” Arwen smiled, playfully. Her red gown was so lovely in the glow of the lamps, and her hair was decorated with glowing white gems that were so fine.

The two of them danced together until the middle of the song. Then, Aragorn caught his son’s look and the two men whirled their partners away. Eldarion caught Elenloth, who was laughing rather loudly at the exchange. Aragorn caught Arwen in his arms and kissed her softly before they continued dancing.


Lothmîr watched all of this, her eyes sparkling. How she longed to be dancing with her love. Yet, he had asked her to wait until he came to her.

Her gaze caught his when the song ended and the family returned to their seats. His eyes twinkled at her, a smile spreading across his face.

Then, the maiden who came by the sea stood and handed little Elanna over to Arwen. She looked over at Eldarion, who winked at her, reassuring her.

How dare she! Lothmîr fumed. How dare she look at my love!


Katrina smiled at Elenloth and said, “This song is my gift, along with the horse from Eldarion, to the young lady Elenloth.”

May it be an evening star shines down upon you
May it be when darkness falls your heart will be true
You walk a lonely road Oh! How are you are from home

Mornie utúlië (darkness has come) Believe and you will find your way
Mornie alantië (darkness has fallen) A promise lives within you now

May it be shadows call will fly away
May it be your journey on to light the day
When the night is overcome you may rise to find the sun

Mornie utúlië (darkness has come) Believe and you will find your way
Mornie alantië (darkness has fallen) A promise lives within you now

A promise lives within you now…

Katrina looked over the people, all of their mouths had dropped open in awe. She shifted uneasily in the spotlight. Glancing over at Eldarion, she saw a smile break past his lips, and then he stood and began clapping. Elenloth then stood and embraced her, murmuring her thanks. The crowd erupted in applause, though in their hearts they were amazed at the words and her voice combined.

“Lovely, Ëarannawen,” Arwen said as she sat back down. “Your voice rivals those of the Elves!”

“Thank you, Arwen Undomial.” Katrina looked across the table at Eldarion, who was smiling and his eyes were sparkling at her. Embarrassed she looked down, trying to avoid his lovely eyes.

A warm hand came to rest on her shoulder. “That was lovely, lady. Thank you.”

Her eyes flew up, she could not recognize the kindly voice. Turning in her seat she saw it was the same young man who had escorted her, of whom she had forgotten to ask Eldarion about.

“Might I have a dance? If it is all right with the prince?” He looked across the table at Eldarion, who was blushing at the comment.

“It is her choice.” Eldarion’s voice assured her. He looked up into her eyes, a look of shyness there.

“Well, if I knew your name, perhaps I would.” She thought herself rather clever.

His smile was genuine. “I’m Elfwine.”

Her eyes widened. This was the son of Eomer. “Certainly, I will dance with you, sir.” Standing she took his proffered hand.

“Now, you know my name, but I do not know yours. Eldarion only referred to you as Ëarannawen. Which, doesn’t mean much to me.” Elfwine spun her around and laughed as she smiled.

“I’m Katrina, many have made new names to call me by though.” As she spun the long gown’s skirt flared and swished against prince’s legs.

“I like Katrina,” he said. They danced for awhile in silence, contented by the soft tones of the music as it raced the beat.

Elfwine returned her to her seat when the song ended, bowed low and then vanished into the crowds of people. “He’s very kind.” Katrina said as she looked at Eldarion. “Why didn’t you tell him my name?”

Eldarion looked down at his plate of food. “I’m not sure.”

“Oh,” she whispered. “For that matter why haven’t I met your sisters until today?”

“Elenloth was in Rohan with Eomer and his family. Elanna was in Rivendell, mother wanted her to know the Elven city since she was a baby, much like myself and Elenloth. Mother needed to be here to prepare for the party though. Legolas, Elladan and Elrohir brought her back with my grandfather, Celeborn-“

“Celeborn is here? Eladan and Elrohir? They’re all here?” Excitement sprang up within her.

“Ai,” he said slowly. “Along with a few others….”

“Is Glorfindel here also?” She stood and began to scan the crowd with her eyes. Katrina had always admired Tolkien’s characters, and for some reason the Elf from Gondolin had always fascinated her. As did Elrond’s sons. The Rangers themselves were wonderful creations, but the Elves, she had always loved their characters. Wise and graceful, kind and loving, beautiful and fair, and strong, the Elves.

“Yes, but he is seated with the other Elves. They decided to sit together at a long table. Over there.” Eldarion pointed across the dance floor.

Looking at the residents of the table she sat at, she noticed that Gimli was seated with them, the king’s family, herself and that was it. Legolas was not sitting with them.

Nodding, she glided around the dance floor, Eldarion following. She came to a stop at the table at which she saw Legolas talking to some other Elves. Cool blue eyes turned upon her. Everyone at the table gazed at her and she became suddenly very nervous…

Mae govannen, Dînroch. Mae govannen. ~ Well met, silent horse. Well met.

I hope you all liked this. The song was May it Be, from the FotR.


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