A Maiden of Faith – Chapter 3

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“Right this way, Katrina.” Aragorn was leading her through the gardens behind the royal home. They followed the stone path under trees and through flower beds. There were some little golden and white flowers that gleamed in the sunlight. He had informed her they were elanor and niphredil from Lorien, a gift from the Lady of the Golden Wood, Galadriel.

They came to a small gazebo, where a woman sat, tome in hand. Her head was bent, and her elbows rested on her knees. A gown of red velvet adorned her fair being, and a crown of silver was delicately woven into her hair with tiny braids and twists that was so very dark, like midnight. Her head came up, and deep blue eyes watched their approach.

Katrina knew immediately this was Arwen Undomiel, Evenstar of her people. She was awe struck at her beauty and fair composure. “Lady,” she spoke softly when they reached the Lady of Gondor.

Falaswen.” Arwen rose from her reverie. Long sleeves that opened at the elbows, of light weight cream colored cotton, fell to the ground. A silver belt encircled her waist. Holding out her hand, she took Aragorn’s. He came to stand beside his wife and smiled at her.

“What did you call me?” Katrina cocked her head to the side.

“Shore maiden. For you came by water and set foot on our shore, we are honored.” The dark haired lady smiled at her.

“Yes, greatly honored. Katrina, this is my wife,-“

“Arwen. Yeah, I know.” Biting her lip, she realized she had just interrupted. “Sorry.” Her knowledge of Middle Earth was going to get in trouble someday, like her dad had said.

“It’s fine, dear. No harm done.” Arwen reached out and tucked a strand of blonde hair behind her ear. “So lovely…”

“Thank you…” She blushed with the compliment. She herself didn’t think she was anywhere near beautiful, compared to this fair lady, Evenstar.


“Katrina?” Eldarion murmured as he looked out over the wall. She was out by the river, as if examining it. Her feet were bare, and her books that she had been caring were set beside the odd shoes.

Ëarfëa is lovely isn’t she.” Another young guard came to stand beside him. He too was watching her. “Though, I have never seen a maiden like her before. She is very strangely lovely. Surely you understand my meaning?” The man turned to look at his prince, who was still watching her intensely.

“Yes, very odd, very lovely.” In all honesty, he wasn’t really listening that hard. He was focussed on that woman, her hair short and legs so long…


“All right, so how did you get here? Where’s the rock you slipped on?” Katrina asked into the thin air. After she had spoken with Arwen and Aragorn for a time they departed, and she was left to her lonesome self. So, being curious, she had found herself out by the Anduin again, searching the shallows.

By Me. There is no rock, only My will. A soft caress reached her face. For one instant she saw a bright face before her, speaking softly to her. Then the face was gone, as was the voice and caress.

“But why am I here?” She looked up at the sky, searching the blue.

No answer came, no soft touch. Only a terrible silence was there. A despairing hope for the comforting voice of her Savior. All noise vanished. The water on the rocks made no sound. Wind did not howl. Everything was still, silent. She heard nothing. And the fear of being alone shook her.

Little did she know, that the Spirit was talking to her soul through the silence. Noise was indeed present, but she did not know it. Her heart was listening to words unspoken, to the Word.


“Katrina?” Eldarion had gotten permission to go check on the maiden. She had stopped moving.

As he approached, he reached a hand out to touch her arm. Katrina whirled about and hit him, shoving him into the sand and dirt of the banks.

None shall touch her! A commanding voice said. For an instant he saw a bright light, and then deep brown eyes flashed at him. None shall touch My daughter! None shall touch My bride! None shall touch this child of Mine! The bright light blinded him, the cool, deep, brown eyes haunted him. The bright light, the eyes, the bright light!

“Katrina!” He buried his face in his hands, trying to make the images stop. They did not hinder until her gentle hand touched his head.

“Eldarion…” She sunk to her knees, and lifted his face with her hand. “I am sorry. That was my Father, my God…”

“He called you His bride,” he muttered.

“Yes, I ama member of the church.”

“I do not understand. You are His bride?” Eldarion sat with his knees tucked up to his chest and arms holding them there. What did it all mean?

“Yes, the bride is the believers, the Christian church. I am part of that, a believer.” She nodded. “But I am the Father’s daughter, we are all son’s and daughter’s of Christ. Some, however, do not believe in Christ, or God, or the Holy Spirit.

“The Son of Man is Jesus Christ, He came to earth and died for our sins. Those who believe in Him, and believe they have sinned, will have eternal life. So, I am His bride, the Father God’s daughter, and the Spirit lives within me.” She looked over at him. “They are the Trinity. The Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Though, the Trinity is beyond our level of understanding. Do you understand?”

“In away,…” He smiled at her, and in truth, some of it did make sense. “God is like Iluvatar, or Eru.”

“Yes, the creator. You’re right! Iluvatar is what the people of Middle Earth call God!” Katrina rose and slipped her shoes on and picked up her Bible, notebook, and pen. She turned to see he had also stood, and was awaiting her.

“Come, I must get back to my post, and you back to the city. Thank you, Ëarannawen, for explaining the Voice to me…” Eldarion walked beside her as they made their way to Minas Tirith. He had been amazed by her knowledge, for she held wisdom beyond compare. The One spoke to her, of her! He knew who she was!

“What did you call me?”

“Gifted maiden from the Sea” He admitted as they walked.

Truly, this maiden was a mystery. Katrina was loved by the One, as a daughter!

Ëarfëa ~ Sea spirit

This chapter really delved into her faith in God. I hope you enjoyed.


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