A Maiden of Faith – Chapter 12

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Katrina woke before Elenloth came to her room. She drew her robe about her shoulders, and though the pain of Lothmîr’s words still stung, she was happy. Happier then she could ever remember being. Never had she woken with such a wonderful mood, and she loved it! She spun and fell on her bed, laughing.

The knock came on her door, and she flung it open, and hugged the visitor. Her long arms curling about his broad chest. When she realized it was not Elenloth, she blushed and pushed away. “Sorry…”

Legolas laughed, “I see you were not expecting me. It is I who should be sorry, dear Ëarelen. Forgive me.”

“Oh, whatever, I forgive you, you forgive me!” She smiled up at him, her eyes flashing.

“I assume you slept well, after your pain was eased?”

You have no idea! She thought. “Yeah, I slept good, once I fell asleep. Why are you here?”

“I wished to know if you would speak with me today, of your coming, yourself, and your faith?”

“Sure. But first I have some other things I have to do.” She looked down at her watch, and then looked up. “How’s lunch sound?”

“Good, I will prepare the food.” Legolas smiled and left her then.

Sighing, she collapsed on her bed, face up, after closing her door. She closed her eyes and smiled.

I close my eyes, and I see your face…

Yes, she could see his face, clear as day, right before her. She could feel his arms around her again, comforting her, holding her. His soft voice rang through her ears as he sang Into the West, and he called her his love… She sighed and pulled a fluffy pillow to herself. How she yearned for his presence…

It felt like forever before someone knocked on her door again, but she didn’t mind, she was drowning in her thoughts. Slowly, now, she opened the door.

Elenloth smiled at her, “I have the athelas, lady!”

“Good…” Katrina felt like she was walking on air, her feet light on the stone floor. “Very, good…”

“Lady? What is wrong? You’re acting oddly.” The sixteen-year old looked up at the maiden, wonder in her eyes.

“Oh, nothing… Everything is wonderful…”

“Mother said that they had to treat your back last night, is it feeling better?” Elenloth walked an even pace beside her. Dark curls were swept up into a braided tail, small ringlets framed her face. She looked very sixteen right then.

“Yeah, much better. Thanks for being concerned.” She skipped slightly as they approached the maidens bathing room. Kissing the girl on the head, she went into the clamor of the chamber. It was much as it had been the day before, only now, athelas in hand, and Eldarion on mind, it was much better…


“Well, I guess that what you want is a testimony.” Katrina nibbled on the Elvish way bread, which melted on her tongue.

“That sounds like a good idea.” Legolas ate one of the small fruits he had gathered.

They sat on a bench that was beside a pool of water with a fountain sputtering in the center. They had talked about how she got here, which was short lived because she didn’t know. Now the subject of faith and her life came up. She had a few questions for the Elf herself…

“I grew up in a Christian church. We went to the service every Sunday, unless we were sick or out of town. I guess I never really listened at that point, I was too young to understand, so everyone thought. Well, it wasn’t that I didn’t understand, I knew who God was. I knew what He did for us, but I couldn’t grasp it all in my little hands. You know? Like, when something is bigger than you it’s hard to see the whole thing. That’s the way I was with God, I couldn’t see it all. Though, He could see all of me. My thoughts, my hopes, my dreams, everything.

“When I was in Kindergarten I went to a Christian School. That year I accepted Christ into my heart. Everything started to become clearer, better. I went to that school until third grade. Then I went to a public school, where no one talked about God, at all. I was kinda alone in that aspect. When I went into middle school, I showed my faith more, I grew, my loneliness made me want to have friends in Christ. I had friends, but I don’t think any of them were Christians. Until, seventh grade. Then I met my best friend. She was a Christian, whole heartily. She loved God, trusted Him, but when high school came around, everything changed.

“Rachel, she went to a different school than me. I went for bigger, she for smaller. We didn’t see each other much, we were alone again. I had some friends from church at school with me, but it wasn’t the same. They were older, I didn’t see them much. So… I made new friends, with my interests, my same hobbies. Only a few select loved God like me. I wasn’t alone, I never was. Though, sometimes it felt like it.

“Now, I’m in college, starting my career as an author. I love it, wouldn’t give it up for the world. But for God, yeah, I’d leave it all behind. He’s the author of my story, and this… This is just one of the winding paths I must take.” She could tell that he was interested, even though she found it boring. Her life had no big accidents, accept her brace, and he knew about that.

“Tell me, have you a lover back home?”

“No. I don’t. I’m not real interested in guys from home. All the guys I would consider are Christians, and those are mostly my friends.” She elbowed him in the ribs. “Okay, my turn. Do you have a lover?”

He blushed. “I do not feel the need to answer that.”

“I answered you- Oh… Poor Legolas…” She made a puppy-dog-face at him. “Doesn’t have a girlfriend.”

“No. I do not.”

“Hey, you should come to my neck of the woods. You could have lots of girlfriends…” She murmured to herself, but he heard her, and she saw his eyes dart up. “Okay, you don’t want to know…”

“I think I do…” He raised an eyebrow at her. They had finished eating now, and he was curious.

“No, you don’t!” She laughed, the sound rich in sweetness. “Trust me, it’s all very confusing.”

He nodded, his eyes incredulous. The trust was fake, and the nod acted. He wouldn’t believe her, but she had no way to explain.

Katrina shook her head, smiling, and looked up, out towards the wall. Eldarion was coming, a grin spread wide on his face, a sparkle in his eyes.

Her gaze met his, the breeze blew a strand of blond hair across her eyes and a slowed hand pushed it back behind her ear. Those blue eyes shining in the sunlight, brightness lighting the depths of the pools of knowledge. The smile on those lips was so full, but small and delicate in the same moment, one side raised slightly higher than the other. The brightest thing about her was her soul. It shone through her smile and eyes, so pure and beautiful and innocent.

Legolas saw the look in Eldarion’s eyes, the look of love, the same look he had seen in Aragorn’s, and Arwen’s eyes. He couldn’t help but smile. Discreetly looking down, he made a noise deep in his throat.

Katrina smiled and looked towards the Elf. “I haven’t forgotten you, Legolas.” Her laughter rang like a bell, soft and fluid. “I was only momentarily sidetracked. I must know what is going on all around me, after all.”

“I see, but I was not concerned that you had forgotten me, Katrina.” The Elf glanced up at Eldarion who was standing over them. “More so, that, perhaps, our dear prince had forgotten the world about him.”

Eldarion blushed slightly at the comment, and it appeared to Katrina that he had never looked so sweet, so little boy like. “My mother was wondering when you would come visit her, lady Katrina?” He hastily changed the subject.

“Oh! I completely forgot!” Katrina stood in a sudden flurry of skirts. She whirled about in a circle, then looked to Legolas. “I’m sorry, but I forgot my audience with the Queen. Would you excuse me?”

“Certainly, I have had more than I deserved of your presence, my dear Earelen.” He rose, took her hand in his and brushed his lips against her knuckles. “We will meet again, soon, I hope.”

Teenagers had dreamed of a moment like this, even women her age fantasized about a meeting like this. No blush rose to her cheeks, no flirtatious smile grew on her lips, only the lovely smile of a young woman graced her eyes and mouth. “If it is in my ability, we will talk again, mellon nin.”

“Thank you. Now, go, Arwen is waiting!” Legolas shooed her away, with Eldarion as her escort. He watched with father-like eyes. Sighing, he turned back to where they had been seated and began to gather what was left of their meal. Katrina was unconsciously making herself fill the whole in his heart he had been feeling. There had been something missing after the War of the Ring was over. He had been lacking purpose. His task was done, what else was left for him to do? She had filled his life with a joy he had missed. War had taken away the lightheartedness that most Elves possessed. He was worn to the thinnest, he knew that all goodness had a price, and sometimes it was far too great to measure. Her smile and joyous laughter were invading that space of emptiness, or, perhaps, it was something greater than that… By the Valar, Elbereth, what has this child done to me? I am happy when with this mortal girl, and she fills my soul with laughter!


Arwen sat with the maiden in the gazebo of the garden. She was twirling a flower in her fingers, holding it aloft. The lovely elanor, golden in the afternoon sun. She had taken note of Katrina’s light behavior, and her attire.

She was clothed in a light blue gown with clear gems sown into the belt and neckline. Silver thread made delicate flowers and leaves up and down the dress, and it suited her. Her short golden hair gleamed in the sun light. The smile on her face lit the deepest shadows of Arwen’s heart.

As they spoke, it seemed as though it was just meaningless, girlish, ramble. This pondered the queen, the maiden had sounded urgent the night before.

Then, suddenly, “You’re pregnant.” Katrina met her startled gaze with ease. “I can see it.”

“Child! Say not such things!” Arwen turned her head slightly.

“Why not? I speak truthfully… Do I not?” She leaned over and took her hand, showing she understood. A sparkle in her eye marked a sense of joy.

“Yes. You do. But none must know.” She shot a glance at the young woman, like darts, they hit their mark. “No one. Not yet, anyway.” Her gaze fell. “How did you know?”

“Well, I don’t really know. I guess that I’ve seen my cousin pregnant enough times that I just knew. Her oldest used to look just like her husband, it was so cute. He’s eleven years old now. Perhaps, God told me. I’m not sure. I just knew. You know that feeling?”

“Yes, I do…” Arwen squeezed her hand. A smile was spreading on the Queen’s lips.

“Oh, and don’t keep it a secret, Aragorn will notice, trust me. He’s a Dunadan. You should tell him, today.” Katrina smiled, trying to reassure her.

“Tell me, dear, what happened between you and Eldarion last night? He will not speak of it. Will you?” All morning Eldarion had been in the same splendorous mood, but he would say nothing. He seemed caught in a dream, one that was very wonderful.

“If he said nothing, then I’m afraid I cannot…” She smiled. Then, having said what she wanted, “Namaríë, Arwen Undomiel!

She fairly skipped down the path toward the House of the King. Arwen watched Katrina as she went, pondering on what was said. She should tell Aragorn, but how? And when? The timing needed to be right. She let out a laugh. Not like little Elanna’s announcement! The memory flooded her mind…

It had been a winter day and the freezing cold was reaching Arwen, now that she was mortal the cold and heat did not go unnoticed. She had been walking with Aragorn, who must not have felt the cold nearly as fiercely as she was, for he did not shiver and his teeth did not chatter. His arms were wrapped about her waist from behind, noticing her discomfort. When, suddenly, the little babe within Arwen must have not liked the cold either, and with a prompt kick and told her so. Aragorn was so stunned by the sudden small movement from within his wife’s stomach, he hurriedly drew his arms from her.

“Arwen! Are, are-” he stuttered. His eyes confused and glittering.

“Am I with child? Why, my dear, how ever could you tell!” Arwen laughed and kissed his cheek with a sweetness only she possessed.

“Oh, my beloved!” He had scooped her up into his arms and spun her about, abundantly joyful. “Another little one!”

Hey, I hope you liked this chapter guys. It was a bit slowed down, compared to the last two or so…


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