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The link to the previous chapter is below. I recommend you reread it first, before reading this. Sorry it took so long to come out.
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Katrina picked herself up off the ground. ?Even if I don?t have that my God will still be with me. If I don?t have it I?m no less of a Christian. You can?t take my faith from me.?

?Can?t I?? He slapped her across the face. ?My Dark Minions, take her to the post, ensure that she will do as she is told?? A wicked laughter passed his lips. His hand crushed harder around the cross to the point where it cut into his hand making him bleed.

The men laughed as two of them hauled her out by taking her under the arms. Her feet and legs thrashed out, trying to make them free her. One man going out behind the other two grabbed her feet though and laughed. His eyes flashed over her greedily. She cried out in terror.

Then Aradae sat back upon his throne. ?Malla, go wipe up the blood so that it can be put into the phials. All the rest of you go, prepare a place for her to sleep.?

A dark haired woman rushed through the door after the men, she pulled a white cloth out of her white cloak. She was one of the Dunedain women, she was tall and had gray eyes.

Valeth made to leave, and Deladan had begun to walk with the men.

?Valeth, Deladan, I wish to speak to you.? He covered his face with a hand. When the two of them had made it back into his presence he rose and descended the steps in an orderly fashion. ?Deladan, I am most pleased with your performance. You did well. Thindú would be pleased??

Deladan flinched at the name of his sister. ?Laurëwen?? he muttered under his breath.

Aradae glared at him but said nothing about it. ?You may go join in the sport now.? He dismissed the man, and waited for him to leave before he turned to his wife.

Her golden hair spilled about her shoulders down to her waist. Her sharp blue eyes looking into his with an understanding that none other had. A lithe body shifted under the robes. She brushed a stray hair behind her peaked ear, revealing her fair pale skin tones. Full lips that were stained a dark pink pursed together. The voice of her so smooth and calm, but echoed faint pain. ?What is it that my lord would have me do??

?Nothing. Just listen and answer.? He touched her arms, his hands only gentle for her, and only when he felt like it. The burning fire would not scald her soft flesh, not by his touch this time. ?Why do you weep when I hold you, my dear? Do you not love me??

?I weep for the pain I feel. I do love you, but I also know how many other women have your love.? Her words were cold and icy, her pale face hardened into sadness covered with anger.

?This is not so?? He tilted her bowed head to look into his eyes. ?I loved you first?? A look of recognition came to his eyes. ?Ivorwen.?

She pulled away. ?Then why must you have more wives? Was I not enough to keep you happy? Could I not fill the void in you??

He trailed his hands over her shoulders down her arms and clasped her hands. He had put the cross in one of the hidden pockets of his robes. ?I needed an army, and orcs are not as smart as Elves or even Halfelven. You could keep me happy for a lifetime, Ivorwen. But, I could not make you go through the pain of childbirth so many times.?

Valeth?s hands were blazing hot in his, burning them. ?Now, I have no answer for that. Your anger has lasted this long. Can?t you let it die now?? Her words bit and she felt his hands become that of fire.

?Valeth!? He pulled his hands from hers. ?I didn?t want to hurt you when you came back, but you have turned my feelings against you! I had wanted your return to be sweet, like when you were young and full of life!?

?I?m sorry, Aradae, but my youth has passed?? She turned and left him alone in his pit of pain. Valeth walked out into the valley and saw the girl?s suffering

The men had tied Katrina to a metal pole and now were lashing her back with whips. They were laughing and making terrible comments. Their thrashing paused so that a woman could wipe blood off of the pole and ground. She even took some from Katrina?s open wounds.

Then the whips started again, the pain searing through Katrina?s mind and through her body. And I thought I had back problems before? She thought to herself.

Deladan watched, he didn?t dare pick up a whip, and he could not leave or else he would be reported. Her eyes caught him in their gaze. They were full of pain and hurt. He had betrayed her?

Malla came to stand by him. ?I?m glad you don?t join. It all sickens me!?

?It has the same effect on me, Lady,? he agreed.

?She reminds you of Thindú, doesn?t she?? Her gaze looked up into his and he nodded. ?Well, if it makes you feel better, your sister?s son feels the same.? She gestured to a boy a few paces away. His eyes were full of horror, and his lips quivered. ?A good uncle would go console him, since his father will not.?

?Ai?? Deladan had been asked if his nephew Thindae, could stay with him until he came of the right age. He had answered readily, and then he was gone so much that he hardly saw his sister?s son. Now, he approached the boy with a heavy heart.

Thindae looked up at him. ?Do they have to do that to the nice lady??

?Yes, the master commanded it. How do you know she is nice?? He squatted down next to him.

?She asked Eru to protect me-?

?Hush! Do not say that name! Your father would be furious!? Deladan enveloped the boy in a hug. ?You don?t have to stay, not if you don?t want to. I can go with you if you wish.?

?I would like that?? The boy shivered when he looked back at the maiden who was red from her own blood that spilled from the wounds.

He nodded and stood. Catching Mordae?s arm, he gestured to the small boy. ?I?m sorry, but your brother wishes for me to go back to the cave with him. He does not enjoy this yet??

?Take him and stay with him. I?ll tell father to pay it no mind.? Mordae looked at the boy and saw the same thing he had felt when he was little and he had seen a lovely maiden being whipped for the first time, only his father had done the deed then.

Valeth drew herself from the sight and withdrew to the cave of the White Ladies. She threw herself down onto her bed. The pain in her heart ached and she felt like dying.

You?re not worth anything! I don?t know why he keeps you around! A menacing voice echoed through her mind. The harsh tones reminded her of swords clashing at each other.

?Mother?? A young woman sat next to her weeping body. She was clothed in grays, for she was not a Dark Minion, nor a White Lady, she was nothing, unimportant. Her gentle hand caressed her back. ?Mother??

?Yes dear?? She dried her tears and sat up. Her daughter looked lovely, even if she wasn?t one of the more dignified. Aradae had named her Mithita. Her golden hair flowed about her face and her gray blue eyes were kind as they looked at her mother. She knew the pain she felt, for she felt it, too. The acute pain that made her feel insignificant.

?Did father hurt you?? Mithita asked softly, she ran a hand threw her mother?s hair, which was so soft and beautiful.

?No, darling, I think I hurt him?? Valeth stayed her daughter?s hand and held it in her own, forgetting her hands would burn.

?Mother, you?re hurting me!?

?Oh, dear, I am so sorry?? Tears streamed down her face, leaving crimson lines that turned to stark white.

?Mother, don?t. Don?t cry, it didn?t hurt that bad.? She wrapped her arms around Valeth?s shoulders, ignoring the pain. Her mother shook in her arms.

?If it were the way I wanted it, I couldn?t hurt you. This fire would not be in me!? She wept, her tears lining her face.

?Lady?? The young White Lady?s skirts swept across the floor as she crossed the cave and approached Valeth. The White Ladies shared one large cavern with many beds.

?Yes?? Valeth pulled away from her daughter.

?Aradae wants to see you. He sent Mordae for you.? The Elf was renamed Helkamîr. She had tumbling long golden hair. Her eyes were a dull blue, and they had once been bright. Valeth had known her when she was still Ivorwen and Helkamîr was Nimloth. They had been friends once, and their shared pain only made it grow. ?I?m sorry.?

?Well, I guess I had better go?? She rose from her bed and smoothed her delicate white gown. ?I need a bath?? Her smile warmed her friend?s heart. ?I smell like,? Well I don?t know what I smell like!?


Katrina moaned as the men led her to a cave, not the same one she realized. No, this one was different, and Valeth was leaving it? She saw the Elf?s gaze fall on her threw swollen eyes. The woman?s face became rigid and became a shade lighter. She scurried by, towards the main cave with the man called Mordae, at least that was what she had decided it was.

She closed her eyes and imagined Eldarion. His handsome face looking into hers, his arms tight around her shoulders.

Then, she saw the angry blue eyes and the hard grip on her arm. A pale hand grabbed her golden cross and pulled it from her neck. The coarse voice of Aradae came to mind.

She could feel the pain of the whips striking her back and curling around and hitting her face and arms.

The men dropped her onto the ground just inside the cave. They did not care what happened to her, like their father? She could have bled to death, and they would never care.

She saw several women gather around her after the men left and before she passed out into darkness.

The White Ladies carried her to a vacant bed and lay her upon her chest. Swiftly they began to tend to the bleeding cuts that would leave horrible scars. She would forever be reminded of the pain she had felt this night?

What did you guys think? I hope it was easy to understand, and sorry it took so long to come out.


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