A Maiden of Faith – 1

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Katrina waved to her mom as she walked out the back door of her parents’ house. She was visiting them on her short vacation from college. Her goal was to become a writer with a degree in business, like her grandpa suggested. But for now, she was content in being home.

The white vinyl siding had just been redone and the patio off the back was new. A small stream flowed threw the back yard, if you could call it a back yard. They lived on a large plot of land in the country, away from everything. The edge of a forest and a stream fingered the edge of the property. Green grass, with little white and pink flowers, covered the first four acres. Past that, mysteries lay, hidden from first glance.

Her little, well not so little anymore, brother would be getting home from high school soon. He was a senior now. She had decided to get some peace and quiet before the noise of him and his friends would begin.

In her hand she carried a notebook, a pen, and her Bible, some of her most prized possessions. Around her neck hung a small golden cross. On her right hand she had a ring of yellow gold with a white zircon on her ring finger and on her pinky a small golden band. On her left hand she wore a white gold ring with a sapphire that gleamed on her ring finger. She wasn’t engaged, or even dating, they just reminded her of her mom, who worked at a jewelry store.

Her mind wandered as she walked across the first four acres. She was thinking about a story, an inkling really. No more than an idea she had been playing with. How she yearned for guidance.

When she came to the stream, she sat on the ground before it. Opening her Bible, she turned to Psalms. Out loud she read, “May the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be pleasing in your sight, O Lord, my Rock and my Redeemer. Psalms 19:14.” Looking up she sighed, “O God, what are Your plans for me? You know the inner workings of the soul, my soul… May Your will be done, not mine. I only wish I could see what You can.” Katrina gathered her things into the crook of her arm and pushed the back of her pen, thinking.

The stream was shallow here, enough so to wade across. So, taking off her shoes, and rolling up her pants, she waded out into the cool water. Closing her eyes, she softly sang,

“He made the night, He made the day
Spread the earth upon the water
Made the heavens and the rain
Look at the sky
See its design

The very same creator is the one who gave us life,
What is man that He’s mindful of us?
We’re merely clay in His hands
What am I that He loves me so much He would die
All that I can say is…

It’s God, truly God
Can you see, can you hear, can you touch, can you feel
It’s God, truly God
I can’t explain any other way cuz it’s God

Inside us all there is a void
All mankind is searching for the one who fills the soul
In Him there’s hope, in Him there’s life
The world cries for a savior that’s right before their eyes
What is man that He takes us in as His children to be His own
And what are we that He wants to be our Father
All that I can say is…

It’s God, truly God
Can you see, can you hear, can you touch, can you feel
It’s God, truly God
I can’t explain any other way cuz it’s God

Lord I praise You for Your endless love
Your boundless grace
I stand here amazed…

It’s God, truly God
Can you see, can you hear, can you touch, can you feel
It’s God, truly God
I can’t explain any other way cuz it’s God”

Her voice had raised considerably than when she first began. Lifting her hand that had her shoes up to touch the sun kissed sky, she opened her eyes.

Before her stood a crowd of people. They all gawked at her, amazed by her stunning voice, and odd appearance.

Katrina’s tight navy blue jeans were rolled up to her knees. Her flip-flops up in the air. She had her blonde hair, at shoulder length, curled upwards. Her loose shirt with the Christian print a bright pink read `Someday my Prince will come.’ She stood six feet tall, while the other women were mostly only five feet six inches tall. Where she came from her attire was normal, here, she looked crazy.

Where was she? This was by no means her parents’ property.

“Why are you all staring at me? Knock it off!” She shouted. “I don’t sound that bad!”

“No, by all means. You sounded lovely.” A tall man stepped out of the dispersing people. He looked familiar, somehow. “Who are you?”

“Could ask you the same question. What are you all doing on my parents’ land?” She waded out of the edge of the river she realized she was standing in.

“This is the realm of King Elessar. If you are his and his lady’s daughter, then I am sorry for our rude behavior. Other wise, we are living in Gondor.” He looked at her incredulously.

“Gondor? Then this is Minas Tirith?” Katrina pointed up, up seven tiers. She was standing by the great Anduin River.

“Aye. What is your name, Lady?” He took her hand, as she looked like she would fall over.

“Katrina,” she whispered, awe struck. “And you are?”

“Faramir, Prince of Ithilien.” He led her forward, away from the river. She was as tall as him, which was amazing.

She turned her piercing blue eyes on him. “Eowyn Shieldmaiden’s husband?” How could this be? This was Middle Earth!

“Yes. Are you lost? Or are you one of the persons who decided to move to Ithilien?” He came to stand beside a young woman with dirty blonde hair.

“Lost, terribly lost!” Katrina looked at the maiden. “Eowyn!”

“Yes? That is my name. Can I help you?” The woman smiled kindly.

“No. I-” She stopped herself. “Take me to Minas Tirith, I need to see if this is for real…”

“I assure you Lady Katrina, this is real.” Faramir caught her as she swayed to her right. “Lady, would you escort our guest to the White City?”

“Certainly, right away.” Eowyn took her by the hand and began to lead her to the gates. They were pulled open by unseen guards. Striding into the city, a young man came to them.

“What is this, Lady Eowyn?” He asked as he assessed Katrina, who shifted uneasily under his scrutiny.

“This is Lady Katrina, she is lost. Please, show her to the King, my boy.” Eowyn smiled at the man. Her eyes twinkled and glimmered with the smile. Her voice was clear and lovely, as a bell.

“Of course. Go join your husband.” The man took Katrina’s hand. “I am sorry you are lost. Where were you headed?” He lead her towards the uppermost tier. They walked up the steps and slanted streets. He had dark brown hair, and blue, silver-gray eyes. His garb consisted of a light weight tunic, and long trousers and boots. A sword was swung at his side, the hilt gleaming in the bright light.

“I- Never mind. It makes little difference.” She shook her head. He was regarding her with the utmost respect. She could tell he felt sorry for her, though, he was surely older than her.

“Of course it does. We are concerned for the maidens who lost loved ones in the War of the Ring. Surely you are distraught and have been wandering Gondor for a very long time. We have seen it before. Do not despair. We will restore to you your home and honor.” He acted as though this was a common occurrence. “Though, I am not sure where you got that clothing.”

“Tell me, how long has it been since the War of the Ring?” She was bewildered at the thought of being a `lost maiden.’

“Oh, twenty-seven years.” He smiled at her. Her expression was one of shock. Twenty-seven years! And she would still be alive, and this young? She wasn’t even twenty-seven years old! Why was he so sure she was one of these girls? Did she look that old? She hoped not!

Hey! The song is by Rebecca St. James it’s called `God’ I hope you guys all enjoy!
She’s about twenty-four. She misunderstood him a little bit, too….


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