A long journey – part of a book

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As Frodo waved goodbye he felt a sense of sadness creep over him and tears swelled in his eyes. He was leaving what he loved, what he knew, middle earth was his home. Bilbo turned and looked at him. He saw the tears forming in Frodo’s eyes. “C’mon now, we better see to our rooms,” said Bilbo in an effort to be cheerful. The ship swayed from side to side as they walked down the narrow passage way to their cabin. The rooms were small and dark. The ceiling hung low and stained wood covered the room. A faint smell of the sea crept in. Their belongings had been arranged on the bed for them. “Well, I think I must talk Elrond about entertainment tonight,” announced Bilbo as he walked toward the door. Frodo made no reply as he plopped down onto the edge of the bed. He sat there thinking of all the memories he had left behind. Middle Earth would never be the same though, he would have never been able to go freely romping around the Shire again. That’s why you left ninnyhead, he told himself. A knock came from the door and Gandalf peered in. “Frodo, my lad its time for supper.” Frodo rose and followed Gandalf to a large room. There were elves sitting round the chamber singing and laughing. There, in a corner light radiated. Galadriel sat there with her beautiful hair streaming down like rays of sunlight beaming down. Frodo bowed in her presence. “Once again we meet ringbearer,” Galadriel said. “You are even more fair than before elven queen,” replied Frodo. “Your words are gracious Frodo son of Drogo.” A large gong sounded and signaled dinner. Then the company was lead to a large dining table. A wondrous feast had been prepared. But, Frodo did not have a large appetite and hardly ate anything. Bilbo started eating and half way through drinking a beer he fell asleep.

Frodo spent an uncomfortable night in his bed. He kept sensing that terrible eye searching for him and smelling the awful smell of the orcs. He kept feeling the fear and the awful weight of the ring. He knew he would never be able to be rid of those feelings. He got up and shuffled up to the deck. Far at the bow an elf was singing a song.

Oh stars that shines so bright,
That glimmer against the dark blue sky,
They bring us hope and happiness,
Even though they are so high,
To live life for eternity,
And never know what is coming next,
To have so much concernity,
For what might happen in this world.

Frodo stared up at the stars in wonder. He would have to ask Gandalf about some of the history concerning stars and such. A sudden bout of sleepiness crept over him and he slipped away down to his cabin. Many days were spent out on sea. Frodo would past the time listening to the tales of Bilbo and some of the elves.


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