A Liar’s Poison – Chapter II

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Chapter I


Two boys were standing, facing each other in the corridor. To look at them you could tell instantly that they were brothers, but there was something very different about them as well. The older boy had a look of malice in his eyes, in the younger boy’s eyes there was fear.
“No Fengel! I don’t want to hear any more lies! Leave me alone!” The younger boy was whimpering.
“Lies, me? When have I ever lied to you Tengorn? Why would I lie to my little brother? I’m telling you it’s true!”
“Well I won’t believe it. I don’t trust you Fengel, you always lie. I wish you would just leave me alone, and stop accusing people.” Tengorn turned away angrily. Fengel grabbed his brother’s arm.
“Don’t you walk away from me Tengorn! I am older and bigger than you, do you want me as an enemy?”
Tengorn hesitated. He did not like Fengel, but having him as an enemy was much worse than having him as a friend. But Tengorn did not want Fengel as a friend. Fengel had turned every friend that he had had against him. Now Tengorn was alone apart from his family. He was liked in Edoras, but nobody dared to become his friend, scared of what Fengel could do to them. Tears sprung in his eyes as he stood, a small boy fighting a losing battle against a bully.
“Tengorn? Fengel?” Fastred’s voice came down the corridor as he searched for his younger brothers. Tengorn smiled in relief. Fengel would not do anything to him in front of Fastred, who was nearly 26 years in age. Fastred turned the corner and walked straight up to the pair.
“Everything alright?” He asked, coldly looking at Fengel.
“Oh yes, Fastred, everything is just fine.” Fengel looked back, equally cold.
“Oh good. I am glad of that.” The sarcasm in the two voices was bitter.
“Well if that is the case I shall go now.” Fengel glared at Fastred before turning to go. Fastred grabbed Fengel’s shoulder.
“Are you being a nuisance Fengel?” He asked, his voice showing clearly the hatred he felt for the younger boy.
“I don’t know Fastred, maybe you had better check with someone else.”
Tengorn looked down. He knew exactly what was going to happen. Fastred and Fengel would have an argument, which would be followed by Fengel being extra mean for the next few days. It was the some pattern that was being painted. The moment someone tried to save him from Fengel’s poison Fengel would respond by taking it out on Tengorn. The same thing would happen over and over again. Everyday Tengorn would wake, hoping that things would change. But they never did. Who could he talk to about it? There was no-one. His father was always busy, getting rid of the last of the Dunlendings from the West March. His mother had already given him a ream of advice, he could not ask her any more. Fastred would flare up and make things worse. Folcred, Fastred’s twin, would get frustrated that he could do nothing to help. Tana would comfort him, but there was nothing that she could do.
He was alone. Alone to cope with the daily torment of Fengel. In frustration he turned and ran down the corridor. He could hear Fastred calling after him but he did not want to listen. He ran and ran, but he knew where he was going. The only place left that was free from Fengel’s lies. A little cove in the side of the hill, hidden to prying eyes, that was where he would escape from his troubles.
He flung himself down on the mossy floor and cried. He cried for all the years he had endured Fengel’s bitter teasing. He cried for the friends he had lost. He cried for the help that never helped. Over and over again he cried out for someone who would listen, someone who could take away the pain.

Everywhere she turned voices screamed out her name.
“Lily! Lily! Lily! Lily!”
There was nowhere she could run, nowhere she could go to escape. There was no-one she could rest her weary head on. She was trapped by invisible barriers that would not let her pass them. They were closing in on her, all the time screaming out her name. There was a noise, getting louder and louder in her ears. It was a scream. A piercing scream. And then she saw the face that was screaming, a face covered in blood, a stricken face, her mother’s face.
Lily woke with a start, tears trickling down her cheeks. Everyone was sleeping, the village lay in peace. She longed for someone to hug her and tell her it had all been a dream. Now that her parents were dead there was no-one to comfort her. She was the comforter for her younger brothers and sisters, but who was there for her? Her grandmother lay sleeping peacefully beside her. Her once lively face now frail and old.
Quietly Lily pushed the blanket off herself. She slipped out of the hut making no noise. Even in the dark she knew the way. Up the hill, past the forest and the well, and down the hole. She sighed as she dropped to the floor of the familiar cave that was her hideout, her escape from the world. She slumped against the wall.
“Mama. Mama.” She whispered quietly. The tears fell faster and faster. They were out of control. She longed for someone that she could talk to. Someone who would listen. Someone who could share her pain.


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