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Farrahwen took her mothers hand and bended closer to her , to understand what she was saying.

” This … is … the… end..” Farrahwens mother was losing a lot of blood now.

” No, it’s not mother . ” While farrahwen’s mother spoke soft and slow , farrahwen spoke very fast and loud .

Farrahwen’s mother tried to smile but a caugh of blood didn’t let her . ” Always.. remember…. who … you …are . Farrahwens mother drew a breath , as if she wanted to keep her life from escaping her body. Farrahwen took in her mothers hand more firmly but didn’t say anything.

” The…diadem…It’s….your’s…Last…piece… of…feanor…treasure….” farrahwen ‘s mother was having diffuculties breathing.

“Shhhhh ” Farrahwens voice sounded broken ” don’t speak , save your strenght”

Farrahwen’s mother closed her eyes and started breathing in shocks and then stopt breathing. Farrahwen closed her eyes to keep her tears from falling .

“Farewell , mother ” Farrahwen hardly spoke the words .” I will bring honour to feanors children . ” she gave a sob , and then said ” You will be proud of me when I see you in the halls of mandos . ”


Farrahwen dried her tears . She realized she couldn’t stay here . Perhaps the orcs would be back . She had wasted enough time burrying her mother . She packed her things while a tear ran down her cheek . She promised herself , it woud be the last tear she would ever cry .


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