a firey love – chapter one

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Bladeras let his horse walk slowly and so did Legolas. The two brothers talked and laughed all the time . What else were they to do ? They had just been patroling allong the borders of Mirkwood and found that all was quit .They were now on their way home for a feast .

” And my dear brother ” Bladeras laughed ” Will you be again hiding for the ladies or will you be a men and face them this time ?”

Legolas looked at his brother before stomping him. ” You are just a mere elf-ling , you have no idea what kind of danger those ladies are . ”

Bladeras laughed even louder . ” I am an elf-ling ? Remember that you’re only hundred years older then me . “

Legolas laughed , and then looked at the sky .”It’s getting dark . We should camp for the night , we can reach the castle tommorrow. “


Because Legolas beated him at armwresteling , Bladeras was sent to gather some wood for the fire. He hated to chop wood from the trees , because he too much respect for them . Because of that , he had drifted away from the camp for quite a distant when he heard a scream . He dropped his wood and ran to where the sound came from. There he found that an orc was wrestling with a maiden and the maiden was not winning.

Bladeras immediatly took his knife and threw it at the orc . It hit him between his eyes . The maiden felt the grasp of the orc was less tight , and struggeld herself out of it . She tripped and fell on the ground. Bladeras took her under her arms and lifted her up , and she lifted up her head so he could see her green eyes , looking wild and ready to defend . Once she stood she started shouting at him .

“What’s wrong with you? Why did you have to interfear ? It was not your place to do so .”She backed away .

Bladeras stood perplex . He just saved her life and she was mad at him ? Oh , that was nice .

“What do you mean ?” He asked irritated . ” I just saved your life. ”

“It wasn’t yours to save ” she yelled at him and then ran away .

Bladeras stood there in sheer amazement . So much for the gratefull maiden who jumped into your arms . He thought of following her , but she was already too far away. Besides he didn’t really wanted to . The chance to get his head bitten of by the maiden looked very possible. He groaned , took up his wood and went back to the camp .


” She did what ? ” Bladeras and legolas were having dinner and Bladeras had just told the story to Legolas.

“She ran away . Didn’t even say thank you ” Bladeras took a bite of his bread .

Legolas laughed ” Perhaps she was afraid of you .”

” I don’t think so ” Bladeras said with his mouth full . ” She looked like she could knock me out in five minutes. ” He kept silent for a few minutes and then kept his eyes to the ground and softly murmelled ” She did have beautiful green eyes though. ”

Legolas nearly choked in his last bite of bread . ” Very well ” he laughed ” since you like to fantasies about green-eyed maidens so much , you may take first watch and after that you can dream of her. ” Legolas laughed again and went to sleep.

A few minutes later Bladeras could tell by his brothers regular breething that he was fast asleep . He was not going to think about the maiden , he said to himself . Why would he ? She was nothing more then a unthankfull litlle she-elf with enchanting eyes . He sighed . Then he lifted up his head . He had heard a noice . It was’t a scream though . It seemed more like singing . What was this about? He looked at his brother . Should he wake him up ?
No , it was probably nothing . There it was again. That was it . He had to see what was going on.

Bladeras walked carefully towards the sound and looked up . Perhaps it was better that he went up in the trees.That way the chance of being seen was smaller. He climbed in a tree and saw some smoke . Carefully he approuched the tree were he could see were the smoke came from .

It came from a fire with a cauldron above it . Around it there was the same maiden as he had saved before , only now she was singing . Bladeras started to listen intensly.

I decided long ago
Never to walk in anyone’s shadow
If i fail , If I succeed
At least I lived as I believed
No matter what they take from me
They can’t take away my dignity

After almost shouting the last sentences , she kept silent . She reached for her back and out of a piece of rugs she took a diadem. It was more beautiful then he had ever seen in his life . He wondered how this girl , that seemed to be a wonderer could get such a beautiful jewel. The girl seemed to be thinking of a memory , from a time long ago.

Bladeras now had the time to take a closer look at the girl . She had long black hair , that she had pulled back to keep it from getting in her eyes. Those beautiful green eyes . It was like there was fire in them . The girls clothing was looked like it had been hers , for a few centuries but it didn’t made her less beautiful . She would be beautiful with a sac around her , he thought . Suddenly , the girl raised her head to the spot were he sat and yelled ” who is there ? ” she hid the diadem and took her bow. ‘Time to go back ‘bladeras thought as he saw the girl taking an arrow .

When he got back to the camp he found his brother still alive , so there was no real harm done. When he woke Legolas up , he didn’t mention the green-eye maiden .

ps; the song is a couplet from whitney houston’s greatest love


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