a firey love – chapter 3— paying of old deths

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” The situation is very serious , my sons .” Thranduil sat on his trone , looking at his sons . ” The news of gollums escape must be told to our fellow elven kingdoms. Legolas , You shall ride to Rivendell and you , Bladeras shall ride to Lorien , the golden wood. Am I clear ?”

As one voice , the two brothers said : ” Yes father ”

Bladeras and legolas walked out of their fathers counsil . ” This is serious , legolas ” Bladeras said .

” Ofcourse it is , my dear brother . We should be on our way tommorow before the sun rises . And who knows- legolas glanced at Bladeras – You might find a green-eyed lady on your way . ” he said and then quickly escaped his brothers fist .

Bladeras smile slided of his face and he said :” I mean it , legolas .I fear the shadow of Barad-dûr “

Legolas smile also fainted and he said : ” I know , my brother , I know .He that does not fear it’s shadow is a fool. I wil stand by your side . “

Bladeras looked at his brother and anwserd ; ” as will I ”


Bladeras his back hurted , he was glad he had finally reached the edge of the golden wood . He knew that in the trees in front of him , there were elves . He cleared his throuth and screamed , although he didn’t see anyone :” I am Bladeras , son of thranduil and a messenger of Mirkwood . I wish to speak with the lady. “

Like apples , elves started falling down from the trees . They told him that the lady was expecting him , and that he would have time to freshen up before he saw her . ” For the lady knew you were coming.”

‘If she knew is was coming , it might as wel saved me from a trip ‘ bladeras thought . His back still hurted like hell.

A few hours , a bath and some fresh clothes later , he felt like a new person. He looked more royal in the clothes of lorien then in those of mirkwood . A maiden came in and took him to a room where lady galadriel was.

“Mylady” Bladeras sank on one knee , as a greeting.

“Mylord” Lady galadriel said with a voice as mysterious and uncatcheble as the clouds.

” I have word from my father . The creature called gollum has escaped . ” Bladeras said , a bit ashamed.

” I know . I do not blame the woodelves for this , because I feel this creaure has a role to fullfill in the end . ”

Bladeras felt a great relief rushing through his veins . ” Do you have a message back , mylady ? “

Galadriel gave a slight hint of a smile . ” If I am not mistaken , your brother is sent to rivendell , with the same news . I will not give a message back before he gives his message . If you wish you can stay here until I give you a message , or return to your home . ”

Bladeras didn’t need long to think about that . He wanted to go home . he openend his mouth to say this to the lady , when another lady enterd. A beautiful lady with black hair , that was braided in and with a beautiful jewel on her forehead , dressed in a pure white dress . Two smargard-green eyes looked at him in suprise .

” I think I will stay mylady ” Bladeras said to lady galadriel but he didn’t keep his eyes from farrahwen .

Lady Galadriel couldn’t keep herself from smiling . ” Lord Bladeras , May I present you the lady of fire ? “

” Nice to meet you ” Bladeras said , looking at her, like she was the first thing he had ever seen in his live .

farrahwen didn’t answer . She didn’t liked this a all. Judging from the smile on her face , Galadriel had set her up .So this was the reason why she had asked her to come . So she could be drowled over by some elf. Well actually , a very hansom elf , but that didn’t matter. She was furious . It was bad enough she dreamed about him all the time , he didn’t had to come and ruin her life when she was awake .

” Was there anything you wanted Mylady? ” Farrahwen asked cold .

” Could you be so kind to bring lord Bladeras to his rooms? ” And in her head she continued ; ‘ The visitors hals , fifth flet . ‘

Farrahwen almost sighed . That was on the other side of the city ! No time to lose then . After bowing to the lady she left the room and started to walk as fast as she could without running . Bladeras was almost jogging next to her . From the moment they left the room he started talking to her .

” Lady of the fire ” he said ” Do you have another name ? “

Farrahwen bit on her theeth .

“No ? Or you don’t want to tell me ”

Farrahwen stil kept silent .

“Thought so ” Bladeras said . ” Perhaps you don’t remember me . I am the elf you met in mirkwood .”

Farrahwen wished they already where there .

” You don’t , do you ? I sure hope you do . Because I certainly remember you . ” Bladeras got quite irritated .

Farrahwen looked straight ahead of her . He had rememberd her .

” I saved your life for goodness sake ! The least you- ”

” Well exuse me , for not pledging my life to you ! ” Farrahwen had stopped and yelled the words at him .

Bladeras was to suprised to react . He recongnised her voice from the song she sang . Well that and from yelling at him .

“I do not like it to be in someones deth so… so… let it be like this . You have done me a favor by saving my life . I will grand you two favors in return . How does that sound ? ” At least that way she would be rid of him , Farrahwen thought. She couldn’t of been mistaken more.

“Fine , favour one ; what is your name ?” Bladeras said it with a determent voice .

Farrahwen breathed again .She had expected a lot worse . Perhaps he wasn’t as bad as she tought . ” My mother named me Farrahwen and I am named lady of the fire because I am one of the last descendents from the house of feanor ” she said it in a calm voice and that was the first time Bladeras ever heard that.

” I thought it was because of the fire in your georgous eyes ” Bladeras nearly whisperd.

They looked in eachothers eyes , blue in green , underneath golden trees and bathing in sunlight. In one moment it seemed there was nothing in this world besides two green and two blue eyes , gold and sunlight .

” And favour two ?” Farrahwen asked in a voice that sounded as soft as silk.

Bladeras blinked his eyes and whisperd ” favour two….” while coming closer , putting his hand behind her head , pulling her softly towards him , and placing his lips on hers . farrrahwen didn’t resisted but closed her eyes and they both felt they were up in the clouds . When they pulled apart , Farrahwens fall to earth was painfull.

” I think you can find the way from here on , Mylord . ” She turned around and wanted to walk away but Bladeras , who hadn’t quite come down yet , grapped her wrist and spun her back close to him .

“You’ve had your favours Mylord ! ” Farrahwen said very cold and very harsh .

‘The kiss didn’t mean a thing to her ‘Bladeras thought . ‘ It was just a way to pay of her deths . ‘ Not being able to disguise the hurt on his face he let go of her wrist and watched her leave without saying a word .

‘Farrahwen … ‘ he thought ‘ So his dream and nightmare had a name.’


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