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I’m so terribly sorry . I know It has been ages since my last post , but don’t blame me . Blame that *** camping in france , where there were no computers . And to capp it all , It was full of french-speaking french-men . I know this is a really short chapter , but I will make up for it . The next one is going to be really long

Neither Farrahwen or Bladeras said something during the first three days of their journey. Bladeras because he expected nothing but mean anwsers . Farrahwen because it took her three days to work up the courage to say something .

So , at the end of the third day , night had fallen over their camp and they were both sitting at the end of the fire , with their faces down to the ground .
Suddenly , Farrahwen raised her head and said ; ” I’m sorry for the way I acted after the kiss . ” She had announced it like she was going to get more wood . And after seeing Bladeras’ face , she did announce she was going to get more wood because she was feeling very uncomfterable . She walked away through the trees , leaving Bladeras thunderstruck .

When she had gathered enough wood and calmed down she returned to the campfire . She threw down the wood on the already big stack of firewood . She sat down where she had sat before and was determent not to look at Bladeras . She didn’t look at him , but she heard him .

” I don’t pretend to know why you did what you did .”

Farrahwen had never found fire so interesting .

” I don’t know if it’s my fault that you did . But most of all I realize that I don’t know that much about you . ”

Farrahwen looked at him .

” I want to know you farrahwen . ” He continued ” I want to know yout moves , I want to know the way you laugh . I want to know your history , live your present wth you and stand by you in the future . ” He was now talking in a very passioned way .

Farrahwen , on the other hand looked uncertain and confused . ” W-what do you want to know ? she asked .

Bladeras almost runned around the fire , stopped in front of her , kneeled down until he was facing her , looked in her eyes and took her head in his hands and said”everything. ”

Farrahwen didn’t control herself anymore like she always did . Their faces were shimmering in the light of the fire , only a few inches away from each other . She closed her eyes and kissed him like it was something she longed to do in her intire life .


From that moment on , their ride to Mirkwood was a lot more pleasant . They had put all of the lugage on one horse , so they could both ride the other.
They talked fot hours , about theirs childhoods , their dreams or or things that didn’t make sense . Farrahwen could feel her love for Bladeras grew stronger every day . And then , finally , the castle of mirkwood came in sight .


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