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The sun had already faded when the music started . The palace was filled with decoration and elves who were laughing and singing . A sweet scent of flowers filled the air . A cool briese brought a bit of freshness in the night . And the stars and hundreds of candles and torches brought light.

Bladeras looked at his brother with a smile on his face. Poor Legolas. It would be his brotherly duty to save him from all those ladies who were dying for a dance. But it was much more fun watching his brother suffer. He wonderd or the maiden from the wood could dance . she could certainly sing. This was ridiculous . He was thinking of someone who he didn’t know , and who wasn’t even nice to him. As prince of mirkwood he found that most girls letterly offerd theirselfs to him . He had always declined. The most attention ofcourse went to Legolas. Bladeras didn’t mind . The less maidens did that to him , the better . He wasn’t jeaulous of legolas. He knew girls wanted the crown on his head , not him.

“Mylord? Could I tempt you for a dance ? ” A rather pretty girl with brown hair and green eyes asked .Bladeras noticed her eyes weren’t as green as those from the girl from the wood.

” No , I’m very sorry to decline , I must talk to my brother” He saw the dissapointment in the maidens eyes and said quickly :” but after that I would love to dance with you.” The girl smiled.

Bladeras walked towards Legolas . Why hadn’t he danced with the girl ? She seemed nice enough. Not like the one in the wood . He made himself believe that it was out of compassion towards legolas , who looked close to despair with the ladies surrounding him like bees.

“I’ve come to save you ” Bladeras whisperd in Legolas’s his ear .

” I’m sorry myladies , I have to have a word with my brother. ” Legolas ‘s relief was clearly to be read from his face , but the ladies didn’t see it , because they were glaring at Bladeras , for stealing their precious legolas from them.

The two brothers walked towards the gardens . ” Ai ai ai ” legolas said ” the ladies have come . ”

” You really aren’t too fond of them , are you? Bladeras said.

“Ofcourse I’m not too fond of them , they make my live a miserable hell.” legolas said with a dramatic voice.

Bladreras looked at his brother .

” Alright , alright , I’m overreacting ” Legolas laughed . ” By the way ” he said as if something had just hit his mind ” Why didn’t you dance ? You aren’t afraid of the dancefloor, are you.?You weren’t so scared of it the last time . You were hardly to be dragged away from it . ”

Bladeras shrugged his shoulders . ” I didn’t feel like it ”

Legolas looked at his brothers , not understanding why he didn’t dance . Then , after a few seconds he said : ” You fool ! It’s that lady from the wood , isn’t it ? “

Bladeras looked at his brother in amazement ; How did his brother knew that?

” Well , the fact that I am not stupid has a lot to do with it . ” legolas said . ” You don’t really expect to see her again , now do you ? ”

Bladeras shrugged his shoulders again.” I don’t know . “

” By the valar , you do ” Legolas shouted .

” Shhhhhhhh . Tell the whole world would you? Bladeras hissed .

Legolas just laughed .

Bladeras saw that the girl with the brown hair still hadn’t found a partner , and as a matter of fact just refused one , obviously looking for him .

” C’mon ” he said to legolas ” time to face our destiny ” He walked back to the girl and danced the night away with her .


Farrahwen left Mirkwood the next morning. It wasn’t save , not with that orc and even less with that elf around. What was he thinking? He didn’t had the right to decide rather she would live or not . Well he hadn’t meant it bad . He probably just tried to help her. And he was very strong . And had piercing blue eyes .By the valar , it didn’t matter what he had . She should of been able to take care of that orc herself . Was she a decendent from Feanor or not ? The last one . She sighed . She sometimes cursed Feanor .She had the feeling she had a desteny to fullfil but didn’t know what . She had to do something that would make her mother proud of her . She had to be strong. But by the valar , it was hard to be strong . Farrahwen actually was tired .’Lorien’ she tought . Lady galadriel is a from feanors kin . And posseses great wisdom. Perhaps she will help .

“Who goes there ?” A voice came from the tree above her.

“Farrahwen ” Farrahwen just anwserd .

A tall blond elf landed in front of her . ” The golden lady was expecting you . If you would follow me ?”

He led her through the trees to the golden city. She was taken to a platform were she saw the golden lady Galadriel. She smiled at her .

” Farrahwen ,lady of fire ” Galadriel greeted her .

” Galadriel , lady of gold and wisdom. ” Farrahwen greeted back .

Galadriel walked forward towards Farrahwen and lifted up her chin. ” You sill have fire in your eyes , but it is not as strong as it once was . ”

Farrahwen closed her eyes for a second and then said : ” I am tired Mylady . I do not know for what I should fight anymore . I feel lost and lonely . I have cursed Feanor for being my ancestor . “

Lady Galadriel kept silent for a moment and then said : ” Your faith is not that of Feanors . Although you posses a lot of strenght , you are not using it wisely . ”

Farrahwen kept her eyes to the ground .Suddenly , she could feel the lady inside her head.

Lady Galadriel smiled and said : ” you have met an elf . A very hansom elf . ”

Farrahwen blushed . ” No , I have met an irritating elf , who can’t seem to mind his own bussines . And I think he snook up at me too. ”

Lady Galariel laughed . ” We will discuss this later , shall we ? As for the faith you hunt but can’t seem to find I ask you this ; would you not come in my service as a messenger ? It would allow you to rest here for a while . “

Farrahwen was rather happy to accept the offer . Perhaps after rest she would see things clearly enough to know what her desteny is .


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